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Bach's Manuscripts - Discussions Part 2

que era la republica de weimar yahoo dating

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que era la republica de weimar yahoo dating

I get the impression for Bach's instrumental music, there aren't many sources, especially the concertos and orchestral suites. Given how frequently the Dresden court heard Bach's music in Leipzig some of it composed unique for the royal family and Bach's frequent visits to Dresdenyou'd expected more manuscripts or interest by musicians at the court. Given Bach's long term engagement with the Leipzig Collegium Musicum, there would have been some chance that musicians would have copied out favorite pieces for themselves-- they were just as starved for material to perform as was Fasch.

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I don't believe Bach was preventing it's copying for sale-- if anything he would have welcomed the extra income for a large family. So that makes you wonder was there that much of a lack of interest in what he wrote? That seems unlikely as well, given the commissions we know about from Dresden. I wonder if a interested party had come knocking on Bach'sdoor in offering to pay him for copies of any of his music, would he have accepted?

Julian Mincham wrote January 19, Bach didn't publish much unlike CPE who really got a handle Handel??

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So mostly JSB's music had to be copied out. Might it have been a factor that, when pieces were needed quickly that the sheer complexity and number of notes in his music lead people to turn to scores that could be copied in half the time?

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If you examine the chorale fantasias for example there are as many notes often within one chorus as there often are in complete works of other composers. People copied to learn of course--that's principally how JSB did it. But then the majority of Bach's works produced for pedagogical purposes does seem to have survived. Just a thought wrote January 19, JSB's music had to be copied out. But that wouldn't be an issue in someone selling copies of manuscripts really.

que era la republica de weimar yahoo dating

For engaving purposes, it's a nightmare. I can tell you Christoph Graupner was very fond of using "grace notes" all over his music, and it's a time consuming factor in engraving his music for me at anyrate.

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Telemann hardly uses them. I'm not sure Bach uses them frequently at all, but his music notation is sophisticated, no doube. I've asked a friend if any Bach music was in Zerbst for the big inventory of the s Zerbst is the court where Fasch worked.

que era la republica de weimar yahoo dating

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que era la republica de weimar yahoo dating

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Republica de weimar yahoo dating

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