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It's a roundup of 'GTA 5 Online' hacks, cheats and glitches. GTA 5 Online Cheats, Hacks, Glitches and Exploits: How to duplicate cars and make more money Of course, players are always finding new and unusual places to glitch themselves . Stay up-to-date on everything Rockstar games-related. Your comprehensive guide to all GTA Online DLC. at a later date (or on a newer platform) might be something of a daunting task. brought the biggest change to the way money is made in GTA Online ever since businesses GTA Online Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit - This follow up to 's. A NEW GTA 5 Online update has been launched this week, providing players with something new to spend their in-game money on. release an update that adds yet another new vehicle to the game, boasting a big price tag. Red Dead Redemption 2 release date news and GTA 5 Online update.

The update introduced the Maze Bank Arena bringing 7 new game modes, Career progression and 12 new vehicles to the game. These can be upgraded and customized at the Arena Workshop.

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With the consolidated warehouse, businesses turned into sources of passive income. Beyond this, the new nightclub business was added alongside 7 new vehicles.


Old fan-favorite characters Gay Tony and Lazlow also made their return. Players can buy new Facilities which, besides unlocking the new missions, would grant access to the Avenger, a flying HQ, strike teams and an orbital cannon. The Doomsday Heist brought end-game content to the game for the first time, one of the biggest vehicle drops, 10 more outfit slots, a new radio station and new achievements.

armored truck gta 5 locations online dating

Transform Races - Yet another riff on stunt races, this DLC added a new mechanic where driving over certain checkpoints would change your vehicle to one altogether different in a puff of smoke. Players would go from cars to planes to boats across a wide selection of tracks. Smuggler's Run - A callback to an older Rockstar IP in name only, Smuggler's Run refocused the game on air superiority by adding a new mission specific property, hangars, as well as several planes and other aerial vehicles.

Smuggling missions saw players sourcing contraband items, taking them back to their hangars, then going on sell missions.

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It was followed by a large about of weekly vehicle releases tied into the theme of the update. Players can go full super villain with new Bunker HQs from where they can launch illicit weapon trading missions and research new weapon attachments and upgrades.

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With the massive Mobile Operations Center and weaponized vehicles, Gunrunning takes the action to the road. New character customization options finally cater to the military enthusiast niche as well.

The tracks were joined by the Progen GP1 classic supercar and the removal of heist-completion requirements for a number of vehicles such as the Hydra and the HVY Insurgent. This new mechanic was joined by mammoth slot garages, a whole lot of vehicles and other content, including a host of unique, "special vehicles" which all had some kind of special ability - or multiple.

These included cars with jet-engines strapped to their rear, amphibious buggies and KITT from Knight Rider, among other.


That said, the actual import and export missions were the focal point of the DLC and it gave us the newest most lucrative activity in the game, allowing players to make a ton of cash in relatively short amounts of time when done right. At least the Franken Strange and Lurcher went back on sale!

If you need more accessorizing options, there's also a way to get the heist duffle bag to appear on most outfits. You'll need an outfit that already has the duffle bag on it, an outfit you want to put the duffle bag on, a helicopter and a parachute to make this glitch work.

This seems like a lot of effort to go through in order to wear a duffle bag, a thing that people will go to any stretch to avoid doing in real life. While in the air, go into your "style" tab in the interaction menu and hover over the outfit you'd like the duffle bag to be on, but don't change into it until you land and your character is taking off the first strap of the parachute. If you've done it right, the duffle bag will appear on the outfit that didn't previously have it on, so you can always look like you're really about to make good on your New Year's resolution to hit the gym more often.

There are also a lot of glitches to make your limbs disappear, if you're just dying to play as Phantom Limb from The Venture Bros. One way to give yourself invisible arms is shown in the video embedded below, around the 1: You'll find the walkthrough for invisible arms around the 1: While in the Jacuzzi, place a sticky bomb on the side of the Jacuzzi, step down as CEO, get out of the Jacuzzi making sure you're standing on the sticky bomb and reactivate your CEO status it's very involved, we know.

As soon as you re-register as a CEO, however, you'll want to detonate the sticky bomb, killing yourself. If you spawn in wearing the swimsuit, you're in luck! If not, just try again.

armored truck gta 5 locations online dating

Although Gamers of Order will balk at using glitches to make your character's arms disappear, Gamers of Chaos will have no such compunctions.

As Gamers of Balance we Go into your yacht and access your wardrobe.

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From there, you'll just have to put on a bodysuit and then exit out of your wardrobe. After doing that, you'll have to open up the interactive menu, select accessories, equip a pair of gloves and then scroll up to the top of the menu to equip a pair of earrings. You should see your character's arms beginning to glitch out once you equip the gloves. Once you've equipped the earrings, scroll back down to gloves, un-equip them and voila!

Your arms should disappear. How to stay up-to-date Of course, cataloging all the glitches in GTA 5 Online would take forever — or just be outright impossible.

It's a huge game! But if these offerings have whetted your appetite to try some glitches for yourself, there are resources out there to help you do all sorts of goofy stuff in GTA 5 Online. We'll leave you with one final warning: Some of the exploits are pretty innocuous, but you'll want to use your best judgment on others. Don't say we didn't warn you! Stay up-to-date on everything Rockstar games-related Already bored of glitches or just not so inclined?