Scared of my dating scan

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scared of my dating scan

Dating Scan tomorrow! Soooo nervous & scared: So I've got my early dating scan tomorrow. I'm worried sick as my previous 2 scans there. But I'm worrying constantly, taking pregnancy tests every week, so scared about you are, they should send you to have a 'dating' scan to calculate due date. My doctor suggested an early scan to ease the anxiousness you are feeling. i have my dating scan tomorrow And I have never been more nervous so scared I've had a missed miscarriage or baby has stopped growing.

Think positive as much as you can. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant… I still worry. It also has a reccomendation for Anxiety and other forms of Stress both Physical and Mental. Blessings Healing Blessings Ladonia If your going private your ob will do weekly ultrasounds to ease your anxiety.

Petrified 12 week scan will show there's no baby!

Did it with all my 3 babies. Scared the crap out of me. I did one dose of the depo shot after and was pregnant less then 6 months after. I went through the fear of the toilet and taking tests to make sure my horomone level was still up.

I tried my best not to stress, even when the doctor called and post poned a week because the ultrasound machine broke.

scared of my dating scan

I remember how relieved I was to hear the heartbeat at 15 weeks. I am now 21weeks with a healthy baby and doc says everything looks great! The beat thing to do is just try and keep calm as stressing yourself will not do you any favours I found just trying to do my normal things helped.

Good luck to you xx Catherine You poor thing. I never went through this but when I was about 6 weeks with my second I started bleeding. I was beside myself, and to make it worse my hubby had told his family we were pregnant. Get a blood test weekly to make sure tour levels are rising as they should be! Amanda When we were trying for number 4 we had 1 miscarriages also. We then fell pregnant off the 2nd miscarriage and I too worried but everything went well.

scared of my dating scan

We had a 6, 8, 12 and 20 week scan. We now have a beautiful 2 year old who has completed our family. All the best with your pregnancy.

Carlie I went through this after I lost a baby at 8 months gestation I panicked the whole next pregnancy but u finally gave birth to a baby boy in June this year our families number 4 baby Rebecca i miscarriaged our second at 5 weeks and now am 8 weeks tomorro and have requested a scan,i feel exactly the same way,i cant tell u how many pregnancy tests i have taken,im hoping the scan tomorro puts my anxietys to rest.

Christine I had the same with my boy, no symptoms at all beside no monthly, positive test didnt come up until 3 weeks past due for it either. A ultrasound might put your mind at ease but its hard not thinking or worrying about it, usually they are done at 6 weeks for dates and heartbeat fingers crossed for you x Catherine I suffered from anxiety before I fell pregnant medication as well which I have up as soon as the positive test came back I had a stressful pregnancy due to personal issues and was in the same boat worrying every minute pretty sure my doc got sick of my weekly visits and although she came 3.

I had 2 healthy kids then 5 miscarriages with one at 12 weeks, and when I finally got pregnant with my now 2 year old I felt the same and was sure I would miscarry, I just tried to get through each day and when I hit 7 weeks I thought ok I better get a scan and then when that was fine and I hit 8 weeks I went to the OB, each week I hit a milestone I felt a little less stressed and once I held him it was all gone.

Some mums have identical pregnancies for their 1st and 2nd then the 3rd is completely different! Just try and take care of yourself. So try and rest assured that your body is working hard to protect and develop a beautiful healthy new baby for your family. Nothing anyone can say or do will help reduce your anxiety…. Stay strong Sherree I felt the same when I was pregnant too. I just took it week by week. Sending you best wishes Bronwen Iv miscarried 2x in the last few months myself.

I had been trying for an unbelievable amount of time. With her I changed how I thought.

“We’re Terrified of Our Beautiful, Charismatic, Cunning, Explosively-Violent 12-Year-Old Daughter”

I just revelled in being pregnant. I just enjoyed being pregnant. I found it helped me relax compared to other mums checking hcg levels, doing tests all the time.

Good luck and congratulations. It can be very depressing and traumatizing for you and the baby. Take each day as it comes, pray and hope for the best xxx Rima You poor thing. Pray or meditate if it helps you even if not religious Good luck hun.

Because it can be completely normal.

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March 7, at 2: Did another HPT on 26 January and got positive weeks. I guess if I ovulated very late,it is possible that I was only just pregnant ie just a week since fertilisation on 26 jan which would make me only 8 and a half weeks now.

scared of my dating scan

This limbo is just horrendous. March 7, at 6: Fingers and toes still crossed for you!! Still no cramping, can only be a good thing!! March 7, at 7: I dont know what to be hopeful about anymore. My GP just rang there.

I'm worried about my dating scan

She is sending me to maternity for scan on wed. You know, I think I would cope ok if i knew I was definitely miscarrying. All you girls have been so fantastic tho, thanks so much. At the mo no news is good news in a way I think! My heart goes out to you being stuck in limbo like this!!

You poor thing — I do know what that waiting time is like but in my case I was sure of my dates too — I went for a scan at 9wks one time and only saw 6wk old on scan and although they said come back in a week I knew in my heart things were not right and I was right. Following that when I got pregnant they couldnt see much on scan and they did the blood tests the girls have referred to above to see if levels are rising and again mine were not. I had a couple of early scans on this pregnancy for reassurance in a private clinic and I found their machine to be actually way superior to the one in the EPU.

I didnt even need a full bladder and they did both external and internal scan. The minute they put the scanner on my tummy the baby popped up with heart beating away and I was only 6wks 5 days. They did an internal as well just to double check everything especially with my history. However as I said it will depend on the clinic — mostly though they are pretty confident that they will see a heartbeat once you pass the 7wk mark.

I dont know what to say to you — the fact that you have pregnancy symptoms is good and the stretching pains etc that you describe sound encouraging so hopefully it was just where the baby was lying and a bad scanning machine and the next time you go all will be ok.

Are you paying the private clinic for a second scan?? I think everyone has these type of nerves and as I'm very anxious normally it just makes it times worse. Good luck to you, hope it all goes well xxx s sschu Jut fyi. Ultrasound techs don't give bad news. They excuse themselves and get a doctor. Speaking from personal experience as I lost my son at 20 weeks They say the risk is significantly reduced after you heart the heart beat and after 12 weeks which most docs consider 11 weeks close enough.

Enjoy getting a peek at your munchkin! It's very nerve wrecking. I'm so excited and so scared all in once. God willing all will go well for all of us feeling this scaredness. Try to think positive - and let us know how it goes! J JTiz Thanks everyone.