Party plan dating games

party plan dating games

Explore Click Write Share's board "Direct Sales and Party Plan Games" on Pinterest. | See more The Candle Rose Dating Game for party plan consultants . The Candle Rose Dating Game for party plan consultants. Know instantly who is willing to book a show with you and who is really not interested. Use these fun direct sales home party games for consultants to help present your You should build anticipation for the auction throughout your party planning.

They then have to talk about themselves for as long as it takes to wind the rest of the thread around their finger. Take a long piece of thread yourself and start by telling them about yourself and your business. The ones that took too much thread will be talking a lot!

You'll need a couple decks of cards.

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The object of the game is to have your guests listen to you! Tell your guests at the start of the show that whenever you say the word "free", the first guest who yells out "I want it!

In Home Show Party Games

You'll give them one of the cards, face down. They must not look at it. If they do, they must give their cards to the hostess. Every time they are the first to call "I want it! If more than one guest calls it out at the same time, give them each a card.

party plan dating games

At the end of the demo, the guest with the most points wins. Points are awarded as follows: It's fun to trick them too. Once the game gets really competitive, and guests are literally hanging on the edge of their seats, change up the wording.

This really preys on a person's natural curiosity and fear of missing out on something. For this of the direct sales games, first, gather a dozen or so very nice product freebies or samples.

These are not the typical goodies you give to all attendants, but the more exclusive items that guests will fight over. On each of these exclusive items, you attach a note. You can do this with ribbon, tape, rubber bands, safety pins, etc, depending on the item. On these notes you write the following: I bet you all want to know what this is, right? Inside one of these notes is a winning ticket that will allow you to take home this item tonight, absolutely free!

And best of all: Please keep in mind, if you draw this note, this means that you need to book a party with me tonight to be held within the next weeks.

In Home Show Party Games

This game is totally optional. You do not have to play if you don't want to. I will start the prizes here and pass them around. If you win the free product, I will follow through on my end of the deal, so please, follow through on your end of the deal too. Don't take a note if you don't want to have a party! For these types of in home show party games, make sure you have the free product you are offering available immediately for your winner.

Party Plan Games

This can be a discontinued item, or a small item from your catalog that you can get at a good discount. There are different ways to play these types of home party plan games, depending on which party plan company you are a representative of.

Here are some ideas: The beauty of in home show party games is that they can be altered as you see fit, to apply to all stay at home mom businesses! So take these ideas and run with them! Here are a couple more variations to these types of in home show party games: At the end of your show, tell guests about the penny.

Let them know that they have three options: They can keep the penny as your gift to them They can redeem it for 1cent off their purchase They can use it to buy a prize Using the same format as above, place folded pieces of paper into a bowl. Guests willing to "chance" hosting a party may trade their penny for the opportunity to win a nice free product.

Again, always make sure you clearly state the rules of the game before it starts. Prepare the cards ahead of time with the following notations: You can have them available for guests to see, or in brown paper lunch bags so that guests may not see them.

Again, place your nicer freebies in these bags. Follow the example script above. Guests who opt to play this of the in home show party games will roll the dice and they will get the coordinating index card for the number they roll.

For example, if they roll a "6" and a "3" then they would get envelope 9. Guests who "Win a Prize" get one of the goody bags. Many guests will try and get wishy-washy on you when it comes to setting a date, so be clear before the game starts that they need to be thinking of the date they want.

Some home party games are better for booking parties, while other are perfect for showing off products and getting sales. Start your home party with a good icebreaker that gets everyone talking, laughing and most importantly at ease and open to hear what you have to say. The grab bag is a simple bag filled with index cards that have directions written on them.

One of the cards is the winner and the person who draws this card gets to claim the prize.

party plan dating games

This can be one of your products, auction bucks, or ticket slips. See below for more details on the last two prize options. The other cards will contain directions for who will receive the grab bag next. Start with the hostess and let her pull out the first card. She must reach in and follow the directions and pass it to the person that fits that description, if more than one guests match she passes to the first one she sees or that claims the description. A good idea to make sure the winner card is not chosen to early in the game is to tape it to the bottom of the inside of the bag.

When the last direction card has been chosen the players will think that the bag is empty. Look around with your eyes discreet, and pass it to the one with the smallest feet. Take the bag and look around, pass it to the one with eyes of brown.

Who loves the shop? Another year older, another pass in time pass to the birthday next in line. This is a fun icebreaker game that helps create a fun, personal connection among guests.

party plan dating games

Attach safety pins to each card and have them set out on a table for when guests arrive at the party. Each guest is asked to choose one when they arrive and wear it. Some fun questions might be: Ask me about my first kiss. Ask me about the worst job I ever had. This might be a good one for you to wear as it can lead into you telling them what an awesome job you have now as a consultant Ask me about the funny joke I heard the other day.

Like the idea of this game but don't have the time to create your own name tags.