Honda vt750s review uk dating


honda vt750s review uk dating

Honda VT SHADOW Oxford Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Motorbike White Black: Car Customer Reviews, Be the first to review this item. Visit MCN for expert reviews on HONDA CUSTOM bikes today. Plus HONDA CUSTOM bike specs, owner ratings and much more. Honda VTS: 7 customer reviews on Australia's largest opinion site out of 5 stars for Honda VTS in Cruiser Bikes. Date Purchased: Sep

But they have a 50 limit - a limit which appears to be slapped on more and more roads, with little justification other than "If you are slower, you are safer". But even then, they're still legally applying a higher speed limit than two long, straight sections of road.

Does this make sense? It really is not. But it is very much the easy option.

honda vt750s review uk dating

Speed can be monitored by unthinking machinery. Or the woman using the rear view mirror to apply her makeup whilst on the move and weaving all over the road, at 35mph in that 50mph limit? Or what about the growing number of drivers who think it is not only acceptable, but practically compulsory to use their mobile phone while driving? Stick inside the speed limit and they're not detected either. What we need is to readdress the criteria for applying a speed limit. But please come up with decent reasons for applying limits on faster roads.

Where I was pulled over could easily support motorway speeds - I believe the UK's shortest motorway is about the same length. My favourite backroad works at "National Speed Limit Applies" pace; so the wider, sweeping roads after it should surely also have National Speed Limits applied?

honda vt750s review uk dating

After all, they're easier to ride. Admittedly at one stage the road surface was poor, which probably resulted in temporary limits The other thing that needs to happen is a move back to good, old fashioned policing.

As I said at the start of this piece, I was pulled over by a real life, serving police officer. Who caught me going faster than I should. A police officer who would also see the man steering with his knees, the woman ignoring the road as she applied her makeup and the driver with their mobile phone pressed to their ear.

All of which fall into the category of "Driving without due care and attention", "Failing to have control of the vehicle" or even "Dangerous driving".

honda vt750s review uk dating

But a police officer can pull you over, have a chat and apply common sense to the situation and the offending person. Doesn't common sense sound like a good idea? This is Honda's full-licence entry-level cruiser. Big, heavy, soft suspension, low slung and unthreatening. Spoked chrome wheels are class, they are a bastard to keep clean, but nothing says motorcycle to blokes of a certain age than spokes.

Honda has built a simple bike. It's not a cruiser, its a 'proper motorbike'. Engine, wheels, frame, tank. It's deserves the tag retro simply because it's what some people think theey would have bought in the s. So you can have the classic look, without having to check the bolts are tight every time you park up.

The tank - in Honda red, white and blue - is simple and gorgeous and even though it holds just Surprised, I was, but for miles I've worked out the consumption and it's seen a maximum from a tank of 67 mpg imperial gallons, that's 56 mpg in the USA and a low of 58, which is spectacular.

Hondas and Kikkers: Honda VTS mile Review

The speedo over reads by about 2mph at an indicated I don't subscribe to all this 'I felt like a parachute' nonsense, if you are sitting at a PC now reading this, hold your hands out in front of you at just below shoulder height and that's the riding position. It is perfect and if you can't ride this bike comfortably for an hour or so at that speed, then it's time to quit bikes eh? Throw over panniers would ensure enough for a proper tour The seat looks lovely, is pretty useless for a full size pillion, and gets a little uncomfortable after an hour or so for the rider but shift your arse a little and it's ok again.

But over the weekend away I had two fice-hour riding days and I was still able to walk at the end and my fingers hadn't swollen at the joints as they used to on the Sportster thanks to the vibes.

The VT is perfectly comfortable. I weigh 13 stone Americans work it out for yourself, 14lbs in a stone and I'm 5ft 10ins. It fits me fine and I'm not getting any younger and sports bikes hurt my knees. I am considering a single seat replacement but, if I can stand the piss taking, I do intend to try a recently purchased sheepskin cover.

My girlfriend is 5ft 4ins, loves it and is already on the point of selling her beloved CBRF to buy something similar. The bike needs riding properly, little flick of counter steer going into a bend, lean, set it up and gently accelerate through the bend, it's an easy bike to ride and immensely satisfying to chuck through a series of S bends. Slower than a sports bike but just as satisfying because you know unless you are on the track, you are nowhere near testing the ability of most post bhp machines anyway eh, lads?

The brakes are perfectly adequate. The rear drum gets criticised by some testers for not being a disc, like most machines these days, but I like it for two reasons. Firstly it looks a whole heap better than a disc and blends beautifully with the spoked wheel easier to clean the hub too.

Secondly, you don't have to be too delicate with the pedal. I like the long travel but there's no danger of locking up the rear even in an emergency and its lovely for controlling your turn if you go into a bend that tightens, a little too fast.

No one's going to claim the ride it plush. The front suspension is definitely slightly under-damped but felt fine two up and if you accelerate hard banked over and hit a bump, or cat's eye, and the steering gives a little nod though it retains balance thanks to the gyroscopic effect of the inch front wheel which keeps you running in the right direction.

honda vt750s

I live in Kent which has got to have the crappiest road maintenance in Britain - 4x4s are chosen down here for their on-road ability.

Ordinary folk and wannabe motorcyclists love the Honda. I've had more people speak to me in the last 10 days as I've filled up with petrol and parked that I have in the past three years with a Suzuki B-King, Yamanha V-Max and Honda Fireblade. It's exactly the sort of bike that makes non bike owners want to speak to you because it fits their idea of what an old motorbike should look like.

Speed - it is not the Root of all Evil: Honda VT750S Shadow Road Test

They're wrong but that's the effect. I have a mate who wouldn't buy a Honda if it was the only bike on earth. Honda's build quality is in my experience still the best in the world, though the VT's silver switchgear looks a little bit cheap.

Honda has a bike heritage to match and better almost everyone. The VT can trace its parentage back to the VT of the eighties. The Shadow custom has been around since '83 first as a and now using that same motor. Some of the early incarnations suffered from the Japanese interpretation of a custom which looked, let's be honest, a luttle odd, but Hondas always looked less awkward than the efforts of its Japanese rivals:

honda vt750s review uk dating