Famous devi temple in bangalore dating

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famous devi temple in bangalore dating

Main · Videos; Famous devi temple in bangalore dating. Cocoon tweaks this plato cocoon the dude cocoon he will cocoon to you lest underneath you. Cocoon. A good number of logs available here for Bangalore to Tirupati The priest opening the doors of other Parvati devi temple Next on the itinerary was the Kurudumale Ganesha temple, which is well known and also .. The shiva linga is believed to be of satavahana period dating back to 2nd century BC. 15 Popular and Old Temples in Bangalore Known for their Unparalleled Beauty This Devi temple is so powerful that the very energy over here makes you . Dating back to Chola period, this temple took a major modification.

It is famous for stone discs and the mystery of allowing the sun to shine on shrine in the certain time of the year.

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The mesmerizing feet-tall Shiva idol in the backdrop of the Himalayas and the lake of Manasasarovar look alike gives an alluring look to the temple. It is believed that people also come here to touch the healing stone in the temple which is said to have blessed with mystic curative powers.

E, dedicated to Lord Ranganatha Swamy.

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The architecture of this temple has carved granite pillars which are said to have built in Vijayanagara style with an equal amount of Hoysala influence to it. The Tamil inscriptions in the temple and the Chola stone art says that the temple was built during Chola regime which later on is said to have developed by Devaraya 2 of Vijayanagara empire. On your way to Mysuru road, the beautiful RR Nagar arch will take you to this temple.

R Arunachalam, the temple is built on the top of Shrunagagiri hill at the height of ft. The six headed crystal dome structure of Shanmukha and the Gopura will add to the beauty of this temple.

15 Popular and Old Temples in Bangalore Known for their Unparalleled Beauty

Image Credits — Youtube Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Temple Omkar Hills and Turahalli forest comes within the city where you can easily reach without having to spend long travel hours.

A morning ride to these places especially during Monsoons gives you a kind of thrilling experience. Omkar hill is at ft above sea level and houses Sri Dwadasha Jyotirlinga temple which is the main attraction here.

You can also see Giant tower clock which is one of the biggest clocks of the world with each hand of clock weighing 40kg. Among the four towers built by Kempegowda, Dharmaraya temple is known as the Vimanagopura Kalasaa center point of the city.

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The temple is known for its famous Karaga which is celebrated in the honor of Mother Goddess Draupadi as a triumph of good over evil. It is said that the temple celebrates the glory of years with the statue of Hanuman here is installed by the Hindu Saint, Sri Vyasa Raja. Blessed with a tall tower, spacious inner sanctum, this Hanuman temple is one of the main attractions of the city.

Mysuru Road, Near Attiguppe, Bengaluru. Dating back to Chola period, this temple took a major modification under the rule of Kempe Gowda The very architecture, gopura, and the beautifully carved sculptures will add to the beauty of this temple. D by Venkoji, brother of Maratha King Shivaji. It has two entrances, one that lets you inside the outer sanctum and the other with steps moving to the outer sanctum of the temple.

Blessed with a beautiful garden and the peaceful ambiance, this legendary temple is certainly an abode of peace and tranquillity. This was the list of temples in Bangalore. If you have anything to add then please let us know in the comments below. Filled the tank at Shell pump on the way and again there was usual blockage at Hope farm junction. Once that was crossed, there was smooth sailing all the way upto Mulbagal by-pass where our first scheduled stop was to visit Virupaksha temple which is just 1.

The map below will give you the clear idea of its location. As soon as our car stopped there, many kids from the village gathered around and seemed to be happy seeing us there. I think they are quite habituated to expect small money from visitors and maybe some food items also.

So that was the reason for their happiness.

famous devi temple in bangalore dating

As we entered the first gate of the temple, it seems this gate is always open and the inside premises are used by villagers for grazing their sheep. There was open mandap on both sides of the main Gopuram, where we could spot few villagers busy playing cards.

On enquiry with them, they informed that the temple priest lives nearby and we should approach him to open the temple for our darshan. So we took along the local kids and reached the residence of priest. He was also happy to see us there and informed us that he will come and open the temple in 10 minutes. So we proceeded to have a look around the temple.

famous devi temple in bangalore dating

Its red colour in morning around sunrise, then it changes to white as sun goes up in afternoon and it changes to honey colour by evening. Although we could not witness this phenomenon as we were there for a short time but we could see a brownish colour of the atma linga. Another speciality of this temple is that, just like Gokarna Mahabaleshwar temple,here also not just one but two shiva lingas are there and that too one behind the other.

The one at the back is the one worshipped by Atri maharshi and the one in front is the atma lingam presented to him by Lord Shiva himself. The priest also informed us that this atma lingam has very powerful radiations which can help autistic children and many people visit here and are benefited.

Also there is a small square platform at a distance from the atma lingam, where anybody can stand upright with hands stretched fully above head and stand still meditating for few minutes and we can feel the vibrations in our body. We tried that and definitely felt a different calmness when doing so. Another story that the priest told us is that a snake visits the temple every night after dark and after the temple is closed.

And its not ordinary snake, but one with a crystal on its head which emits light. And he claimed to have witnessed the light eminating from sanctum sanctorum at night. After seeing and hearing all this about this temple, it really made me sad to see the present neglect of the temple by authorities. The priest is paid a salary of Rs. Can you imagine how anyone can manage such a huge temple premises with Rs. The priest is only continuing since its being managed by their generations after generations since Vijaynagar period.

This temple has seen days of glory, when it was centre of activities for a number of surrounding villages.