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Porcelain and pottery marks

dating noritake china

Noritake Made in Japan Komaru symbol mark registered in London in Noritake Bone China mark. Detail. Noritake Bone China Japan - mark . Nippon Toki Kaisha factory from a picture inside of a Noritake bowl dated . Early Noritake china dinnerware featured the "Hand Painted Nippon" design around. Celebrated for its use of color, pattern, and design, Noritake china has many patterns have been produced by the maker to-date, but there are.

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Nippon Backstamps and Known Dates of Manufacture | Myriad Trading Co's Blog

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dating noritake china

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dating noritake china

The early marks from this period seems to have been the country of origin i. The word "Nippon " also meaning Japan but in western characters A visit by Ichizaemon Morimura IV to the World Fair in Paris in this period helped shape the idea of trying to manufacture a high quality, modern, western style dinnerware for export, in Japan.

The factory was located near a source of good and plentiful raw materials and in a community rich with skilled potters. The site was the small village of Noritake near Nagoya, the center of Japan's ceramic production, on the main island of Honshu.

dating noritake china

The first Japanese registry for a Noritake back stamp is reported as for use in Japan. In the first china products from the new company could leave Japan for the U.

The first reported U.

Nippon Backstamps and Known Dates of Manufacture

Not not until after a long series of trials and errors the first fine porcelain dinnerware suitable for export was produced. On of the first patterns to be produces was the "Sedan" A piece of the dinnerware in the Noritake factory in Nagoya shows this to be a bleak white plate with a cream border of small flower sprays and the typical Noritake back stamp, the letter "M" in a wreath and the words "Hand painted.

To identify the early Noritake porcelain, it is important to remember their intended adaptation to the western taste.

The "M in a wreath" mark was used between c until With the first World War came the understanding of the need for industrialization. The company soon undertook the production of necessary machinery for the use in its potteries and could by the early 's introduce assembly line techniques allowing for mass production of high quality, yet affordable, dinnerware. From around the 's until the Nippon Toki Kaisha Ltd had according to the the McKinley Tariff Act of marked their export porcelain with their country of origin as in "Nippon" but in western characters, which is kind of fun in an upstanding Edo period Samurai way.

For "Nippon" collectors the bad news is that this mark only signifies the country of origin and implies no other information.

So, even if early Morimura imports were likely to have been marked this way, so would other imports from Japan too. Still the word Nippon was infrequently used even after The Period The period from until is a time easily set apart in Noritake production.

It is clearly defined on both ends by two events: Until Noritake predominately marked export wares "Nippon," one word used to describe the country of Japan.

In American import law changed to require the place of origin be marked on a product in English. Since Nippon was an adaptation of a description of the island country in the native language, Nippon was no longer acceptable under the new law.

Backstamps after state "Japan" or "Made in Japan. From the up market art deco designs of the late s the designs of the s took a markedly more pragmatic shape after the world-wide depression. Much of the "lusterware" where a thin metallic film was applied over a bright single-color glaze, often with art deco theme decals in combination with hand painting, dates to this period.

From its early understanding of western taste and mass production, Noritake also early understood the western methods of mass marketing. It is thus not surprising to from the late 's throughout the 's, until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, put a most unwanted stop to normal business, "Hand Painted Imported Noritake China" was offered as a premium by the Larkin company of Buffalo, New York, to its millions of customers purchasing soap, beauty and home products by mail.

Some patterns appears to have been specially designed for the Larking company such as the "Azalea". Azalea was then sold as premiums to the Larkin club members and their home agents.

Typical marks from the period c. In the export offices were closed and direct export to the US was not resumed before Noritake wares from circa to may bear a number of marks including "Made in Occupied Japan" and "Occupied Japan. Early Noritake china dinnerware featured the "Hand Painted Nippon" design around the familiar wreath-circled "M" for "Morimura" on the back stamp of most pieces. In the letter "N" for "Noritake" in a wreath replaced the long used "M" in a wreath.

dating noritake china