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agoraphobic dating

I am semi attractive, I use to be more attractive but my mental disorder has kicked the shit out of my self esteem. I get dates easily enough and. OK, I've been diagnosed with mild agoraphobia (basically, I get very nervous, and can even have panic attacks, if I'm out in a large public forum. I too have Agoraphobia. It was worse when I was younger though. And I've had to force myself on a number of occasions to do the things that make me panic.

Do yourself a tremendous favor and stop looking for a girlfriend so fiercely. Deal with your illness instead. Understand that even if you did find someone, you'd be pushing some of that onto them in turn.


It's impossible not to, especially when the anxiety feels crippling. I'm not saying you have nothing to offer. Because I'm sure that you do.

agoraphobic dating

But you'll offer it better when you've fought off some of that anxiety and learned how to cope with it. I had the same sort of thing with my ex, we lasted nearly 10 years on and off, she also had mental health problems and in the end we just got to the point that we couldn't get any better together. I'm defiantly not looking for a girlfriend I'm just thinking long term and can't just keep having causal sex with women, I miss the affection lol BuriedHorizons I do quite well for the most part.

But I can still relapse, usually in big crowds, or in places I can't get out of for too long.

agoraphobic dating

But other than that, it's good. It's very possible that you could find someone that's able to support you in "the long run. It'll just be a long road for both of you. Anything is possible if you're planning long term.

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Short term, I would just worry about you. You're the most important in the equation.

Agoraphobic afraid to leave the house and my plastic surgery

While dating a person with Agoraphobia it is better you remain patient when your partner has suffered from panic or anxiety attack. Show them that you will not leave their side and you are here for their protection and well-being.

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Make sure that you do not push them towards situations that might trigger their attack again. Do not dismiss their symptoms because it might lead to a severe attack.

Be empathetic and manage the stress conditions by cooperating with your partner. Be supportive without suffocating: Being embarrassed about their condition your partner might not feel confident enough to open up to you.


They mostly feel lonely and isolated as they fear of being rejected because of their health condition. Therefore, it is important that you build trust because only then they will feel comfortable with you. Be always available to listen to them and do not push them to tell you anything.

Do not bring their Agoraphobic condition until they are ready to share their problems with you. Be a part of their solution:

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