So ji sub and gong hyo jin dating sites

so ji sub and gong hyo jin dating sites

The last time the Hong Sisters wrote a halfway decent K-drama it was with Gong Hyo Jin paired with So Ji Sub in The Master's Sun so it's a nice. We all thought Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub were on their way to It's been confirmed that Gong Hyo Jin is dating another handsome hunk, Lee Jin Wook, about how they date by only meeting at night or in private places. The electrifying combo of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. I'd be lying to my face if my shippy heart didn't flutter, if my brain didn't over-think and.

We are at the set of TMS right now and we met up with the 2 leads of the drama. The skinship never stops even after filming stops. Their rapport is wonderful. Oppa is too handsome, and he often says interesting stuff. Actually I get along well with the actors my co-stars in most filming sets.

It shows how good their relationship is. Oh, are we doing an interview right now? After all your melos and angsty stuff you must enjoy all the comical fun now right?

so ji sub and gong hyo jin dating sites

There goes his smile. What do you do during leisure time? I just lie down. Both of youthe drama is the talk of the town at the moment.

What do you think about your rapport?

so ji sub and gong hyo jin dating sites

We hit off right from the beginning. Right I think I was the only one who thought so [both continue to laugh]. He even has the nickname — The Easygoing Man.

So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin Go are a Tricolor Couple for The Master’s Sun | A Koala's Playground

I pleaded with Oppa to take off his coat, so that I could touch this part of his hand. What level of skinship do you wish to do in the drama? Your most memorable line? Your shelter is here, come and hide. Apart from the line which melted hearts of all the girls out there, there is also one memorable gesture. Was it ever in the script? He thought about it for quite some time, on how to make it more effective.

so ji sub and gong hyo jin dating sites

The ballet dancer, when I first did it, I NG-ed stop because I twirled too many times it gave me a headache. And her charms have never been as well displayed as it is in this show. The host does ask if this is their first project together, which they confirm.

so ji sub and gong hyo jin dating sites

And they go on this way for the whole interview! Trying to outdo each other on the flattery and complimenting, if you can imagine the cute overload! When JiSub comments on how cute and lovable her acting is, she rebuts by revealing to the world his extreme chivalry, that he actually bought her a fan because it was hot. It was the only one I managed to watch this week.

But without a doubt, the highlight is in minute 2: Then they both giggle like kids. They even chase her in her dreams!

Have So Ji Sub and Jooyeon been dating all these years?

These two really are the grabby and silly couple! The way the two were constantly reaching over and tapping at each other spoke volumes of their genuine camaraderie.

Gong Hyo Jin Dons a Hanbok in Cameo for So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin Movie Be With You

We can see where their onscreen chemistry is stemming from…their real life chemistry! I was totally shocked when I first met him. How can his legs be so long? Later, JiSub talks about how much effort HyoJin has put into on being more natural by giving up the usual actress crutches, such as fancy clothes to hair to makeup.

HyoJin adds that she gets much scolding about not washing her hair, to which the host laughs that for a second he thought she was talking about real life and not her character. I mean can these two be any cuter? If she is channeling her character, she is doing a damn good impression of a gal in love! Who knew he was such the wise-cracking imp? And you know what, so did I.

Episode 5 goes into far more creepier territory than the previous four episodes, which spent more time setting up character profiles. But then again, trying to arrange a marriage between dead people is pretty top-of-the-list creepy.

Gong Hyo Jin: “I Enjoyed Filming Intimate Scenes with So Ji Sub”

To make it worse, we get dead children too. And everyone knows, dead children is the definition of a natural hair fizzer. When she seems too eager to continue her petting, he tells her he will be invoicing her later for all the body part touching, and it is not at discount prices. She pouts at that, but does step away from him. Poor InGuk, his gesture is ridiculously romantic, but of course, we all know girls like the expensive things.

Predictable YooRi vows revenge on her high school classmate…in the most perfect for us way: Oh, right, he whacks her head against a wall first. What kind of scary stalker wears a hot pink hoodie? Anyway, the boy gets points for effort if not discernment. And with this episode, I really got a sense of what concept this drama was going for.

And while the other ghost stories so far had been poignant, they had also been more the already-traveled type.

It was about a sick boy who died without telling the girl he liked his true feelings, but his grieving grandmother thinks she can find an afterlife bride for him so he can find love in death, if not in life.

It made me actually well up in tears. When HyoJin solves his problem and brings his first love still living to look at his special green roses the spirit had been supernaturally preserving for his first love to see, I had to pull out my box of Kleenex!

I was a disgusting glob of blubbering. JiSub is getting attached to his ghost whisperer against his will and showing obvious signs of jealousy and possessiveness.