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The History of the Petter Engine

petter engine dating sites

Find petter engine ads. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Site menu for NRCan internet website. Lister Petter. List of Engines. Engine and Flameproofing: Lister Petter diesel engine model LPWS4. Petter Engine Information Page 1 of 3. Petters Limited Engine Information in Tabular Format Engine Type, Engine Name, B.H.P., Fuel, Ignition, Engine Nos Note 3: S engines with serial numbers below refer to early Yeovil & Ipswich.

Inthe British Electrical group took over all the Associated group's factories as a holding company, and British Electrical Engineering Co. This is where I became involved. We made small electric motors and switchboards. Inthe firm transferred production to Cardiff, Wales, so I transferred to J.

McLarens in Leeds, and this is where my involvement began with Petters. I completed my apprenticeship and joined McLaren's Service Division. InMcLarens purchased the old "Lagonda" car factory in Staines, Middlesex, and commenced building small Petter engines there. Inthe whole Petter company was moved out of the British Electric factory at Loughborough to the Staines factory and renamed Fetters Ltd.

The first managing director was Capt. Dick Petter, a son of one of the twins.

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The service department didn't move to Staines, but formed a new division and moved to premises near Loughborough at Burton on the wolds, and init was decided to move McLaren Service there. From then, I gradually took over all the Petter engine information. With the move to Staines, several new engines were put into production, the petrol engine A type and various models carried on into the late '60s, but their most productive engine, the AVA and AV 4-stroke diesel started in and was developed and increased in bore and hp and re-named the PH and PHW, and continued through the production life of the Staines factory.

Ina celebration luncheon was held at Staines in honor of Sir Ernest Petter and Percy Petter, who were by then 80 years old. Also, other original directors from the Yoevil factory as well as Capt. Dick Petter were present. Within two years of that event, both twins died, and inCapt. Other members of the Petter family - there were 15 brothers and sisters - were involved in the firm at different times. Most notable among these extremely inventive engineering siblings were Guy, who invented the Sumbock Adding Machine, Harry and Hugh Petter.

In the late s, the Staines plant was at its most productive. New engines were rolling off the line to meet high demand in building, civil engineering, marine and electrical applications, and two new engines were introduced.

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They were the PAZ1, probably the most successful diesel ever made for small cement mixers, and the AA1, advertised as the smallest lightweight diesel in the world and quickly copied by the Japanese.

The Petter-McLaren Service Division also was expert in taking over the service and supply of parts of other companies' engines. Doing this work, the service division outgrew its space in Staines, and init moved to the larger Armstrong Whitworth Factory at Hamble, near Southampton on the south coast.

This move took place as a consequence of a major takeover of the company in by the Hawker-Siddeley firm. Reorganized, the business was called the Hawker-Siddeley Brush Group. The move to Hamble also marked the beginning of the "modern era" for these engine manufacturers.

petter engine dating sites

Petter Staines continued to mass-produce small engines and Hamble was split into four divisions: In the s, sales of small engines were down worldwide because of over production. The situation adversely affected Hawker-Siddeley Brush and its main competitor, Lister. The Petter Service Division, which had remained in Staines with the headquarters' offices, was moved to Hamble, and all the other Petter divisions were phased out. At this time, I was living near Hamble and traveling Britain and Europe as distribution manager, with a string of agents.

It was decided that I would work from home, and continue commuting. Bythe headquarters' offices were moved out of Staines to Dursley in Gloucester, and the company was renamed again, to Lister Petters Co.

The new management offered me a position as troubleshooter for the Petter products; in the meantime, all service and supply of parts for the other companies' engines was ceased. So, it was back to only Petter products.

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Inthe engine production work that had continued at Petter Staines was moved into the Lister-Petter facility at Dursley, and the Petter Staines site was sold and, indemolished. The sale of that property ended the era of Petters as an autonomous factory; from then on, production was geared toward common, new designs called Lister-Petter. And eventually, the Lister-Petter factory was sold twice more. With the historical knowledge gained over 43 years, I became recognized as the "old-engine expert," and in Aprilwhen I decided to retire, I had acquired by agreement with the company a vast library of materials on Petter history.

These archives included microfilm records and drawings of the Petter companies as well as the obsolete records of other manufacturers.

petter engine dating sites

Since retiring, I have offered my services to the monthly "Stationary Engine" magazine, and I am on their "Help Line" list for various engines. As a result, I probably receive an average of six or seven letters a week asking about dates and original histories of engines from all over the world. And I still get an occasional query from Lister-Petter on the old engines as there is now no one left at the firm with knowledge of the old engines.

Car[ edit ] James Bazeley Petter, an agricultural engineer and iron founder, had premises in the Borough, Yeovil. It will mount the hills of the neighbourhood with two persons, but larger power would be used for four persons … The exhaust is, we are informed, quite invisible, and the engine almost noiseless'. The removable handle indicated in the plan drawing was used to start the engine 'in the first place, and an arrangement is made so that the handle, when put in position, automatically opens the exhaust valve which closes instantly when, a good impulse being given, the handle is withdrawn and the engine starts … Tube ignition is adopted, and a small heating lamp is used … The engine starts in ten minutes and runs, we are told, without attention.

Baker, in designed and built first the Yeovil Engine, a high-speed steam engine. The following year he designed and built a small 2.

petter engine dating sites

By sales had increased principally against very large orders from Russia where two-stroke engines were preferred. Highly competitive US-manufactured engines like the manufactured by the Fairbanks Morse Company "Jack of all Trades" threatened the nascent British industry but unlike most British engine manufacturers Petter reacted by creating a new low-cost engine, the Petter Handyman.

Petters models as the M-type and the A-type were highly successful and were competitors for Lister's D-Type. The SS designation stood for "superscavenge", the design employing the Kadenacy principle to charge the cylinders. The exhaust gases left the cylinder at sufficiently high to create a partial vacuum, drawing air into the cylinder like a supercharger, while improved airflow cooled the valves and scavenging, this 'inertial' supercharging being supplemented by a blower.

Re-organization[ edit ] In the company went public and began engine production in a new factory named the Nautilus Works after the fire grates that had made James Petter's fortune in Reckleford. Its workforce of men produced engines a year.