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Delhi · Chennai · Pune · Mumbai · Banglore · Kolkata We think that ADVs make fantastic everyday bikes. Does the Triumph Speedmaster bring quintessential British sophistication to the American While the exact dates aren't announced yet, company officials state that it'll read more» Royal Enfield Scrambler. Find Royal Enfield Price in India and its models - Bullet classic bullet , Himalayan & Thunderbird! Check out on road price, mileage & get alert for upcoming bikes. This British company closed its business in However, this company had started the sale of Royal Enfield motorcycles in India in The Eicher. one of the best motorcycle tour company in India providing showroom condition Royal Enfields which are available for customers to rent for short trips, weekend.

The Royal Enfield images itself as a reputed brand and had been the vehicle for the armed forces and the police. Hence, you can see the Police Department and the Indian Army having a large contingent of Royal Enfield motorcycles in their arsenal. People have a nostalgic opinion about these bikes. The motorcycle symbolises power.

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Therefore, when you hear the reverberating sound of the Royal Enfield on the roads, heads turn to have a view. It gives a tremendous feeling to the rider. These bikes come equipped with engine capacity in the range of cc and above. Hence, speed is a foregone conclusion. The Royal Enfield bikes can effortlessly cruise on the highways at speeds more than kmph with a terrific sense of balance. At the same time, these bikes can traverse the uneven roads in the Indian villages as well.

Yes, one has to admit that the Royal Enfield price is high as compared to the other bikes available in the market. However, no bike in India can compete on an even level with the Royal Enfield on the performance factor. Therefore, these bikes have a high demand. People are ready to wait for months after booking these bikes. The Rarest of Rare As a kid born in the late 70's fascination for bikes happen to be either in the form of a Bullet or Yezdi or Jawa or the macho RD For some reason fascination in cars stopped rather prematurely but the mojo for 2 wheels always remained.

I use to envy my friend's elder brother who owned a RD and a Bullet Back then probably i used to hear from him and his friends Redditch made vs India made and i never really understood that.

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Most of these conversations were after our Sunday dash with another British legacy, Cricket. These guys used to be relentless and crazy and used to talk about heavy crank, normal crank, Amal Carb vs Non Amal Carb, Dynamo this Dynamo that.

Out of the whole conversation we juniors just picked up one thing. That the Redditch made bullets were far superior than Chennai made bullets. I still do not believe that but nonetheless let's go with the flow. I mean Enfield India got the same equipment under license from Royal Enfield to make stuff here, so how different could they be?

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What didn't survive was my dream of buying a motorcycle. My Mom was very sure- nothing on 2 wheels for her "Ladla Beta". While all this was happening lots of Japanese bikes entered the market and the commuter segment was flooded with bikes that i called "bikes without character". Save for the RX and Shogun. Whoever rode it loved it.

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So got hold of a Stdmy priced possession ever since. Many of team bhp forums discussion on royal enfield vintage bikes revolves round G2 engines and finding a good old Redditch made G2 stamped Royal Enfield. The folklore is that these bikes vibrate less due to the round chassis. The heavy crank is stuff that legends are made up of. It used to be called Model G. Some history now based on my reading of various publication and dare I say Wikipedia. The predecessor to the G2 engine was the G engine.

G engines post war were produced for a very small time period to G2 engines were produced onwards.

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So from to G as well as G2 engines were available. Also worth mentioning is the fact that was the year when RE introduced spring frame on all of its bikes as a standard feature. So most of the spring frame bikes by default had the G2 engines on them.

Only for two years and that too for a special batch of bikes were the G engines mounted on the spring frame chassis. Not many were sold as obviously masses went for the G2 model.

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What was a significant change in the G2 models was the placement of the oil compartment. Oil for these new engines G2 was contained in a rearward compartment of the heavily finned crankcase the G models carried the oil forward of the crankcase. Clippers were of basically of three types: Clipper is very rare and the Clipper with the G model engine is rarest of rare.