Love drawings for your boyfriend in pencil dating

Lauren Mortimer - Realism & Vintage Illustrator, London

love drawings for your boyfriend in pencil dating

Lauren Mortimer is a London based pencil dominant illustrator who displays realism & incredible shading skills in her Pencil Drawing Of Old Man Wearing Hat. Lauren Mortimer is a London based pencil dominant illustrator who displays realism & incredible shading skills in her Pencil Drawing Of Old Man Wearing Hat. Nov 21, Check out these cool drawing ideas, carefully curated by us to ease your restless mind . Take yourself out on a date and enjoy the calm of the woods. A Love Triangle with Nature and Heaven– Unknown Artist . Once again, the master – David Powell – conjures up magic using few strokes of his pencil.

JC We sometimes do a collaborative drawing where she makes an outline and I shade it. And then I just try to make the hands look like an Ingres drawing, all perfectly toned and shaded.

What can you tell me about that? JC I wanted to draw an old Southern black guy from the s. I was interested in this image stylistically—it was like an old WPA photo, and I wanted to see how I could draw his features and skin tone with the minimal amount of visual information.

BL What about the drawings of young boys that you did in the early s? This drawing here of a precocious boy was a kind of experiment in this series. He has Caucasian features but I drew him with brown skin.

The idea of playing with skin tone in drawing stuck with me. InI found a lot of stock advertising images of staged interactions between white and black people.

These scenarios always make a big deal of black and white people being friends with each other—they might be laughing together, or playing pranks on each other.

When I drew these images in a caricatural style, they got more abrasive and uncomfortable. It was interesting to me to see how by playing with pictorial style one could change the meaning of the original image. Can you tell me a more about its origin? I used to look at those types of drawing quite a bit, I really liked their faux-naive style.

In the original, the woman is clothed, so I decided to make her nude and gave her square pubic hair and square nipples. What were you trying to do with those drawings?

love drawings for your boyfriend in pencil dating

JC InI started to think about androgyny. First I made androgynous middle-aged women with closely cropped haircuts. Then I decided to split them into men and women. When I started to draw the men, I would start with a female face and then put a beard on it. So the busty women and the bearded guys become parodies of their sex. What drove you to draw so much during that decade?

I would draw them and then try and paint them. For instance, the bearded guy and the babe was a great image for me.

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I made several paintings of this image that I was very happy with. But my drawings of unhappy busty girls, or girls with one boob, or this one of a nude in a perspectival setting, never really worked out as paintings. I was young, scared, and not committed to anything—I wanted to try things out quickly and move on.

Drawing was the way I could do that. BL A drawing of a pregnant woman with garbage in her hair from seems to bring together several ideas that you were working on at the time.

Was drawing an easy way for you to combine ideas? In drawing I could do things like combine unnaturally pregnant women and draw them with garbage on their heads. This image later became a print, and from that print I made a painting. They seem right now to be my preferred source material to paint from. You know my trump card is to add a beard and sunglasses when I screw up a face. BL Have you ever worked in pastel?

love drawings for your boyfriend in pencil dating

Maybe I should break out the black and white chalk and the blue paper again? BL Can you describe for me the connection between your source material, your drawings, and your paintings? BL Why is that translation important? Drawing a figure from a photograph is much easier than using a live model. When I draw live models, a kind of a dumb realism starts to surface and like some stupid academic artist I start to draw every muscle and toe perfectly.

Other grid-based games like the printable grid race are excellent because they are free and printable, and as long as you label the x and y axes, it will be easy to convey your moves to your partner and play the game over the phone. Chess, checkers, Connect Four, Quoridor, and Stratego also translate easily to graph paper, as do many other commercial games.

Take personality quizzes together There are quizzes and personality tests out there for every topic under the sun. Pick a few quizzes that interest you — anything from determining your spirit animal to which Hogwarts house you belong in, and compare results with your partner.

A good site to get you started is playbuzz. It can also be a lot of fun to create your own quiz with your partner, and then share it so others can enjoy it too.

Blind drawing challenge This is a challenge designed to see how well you can communicate with one another. Do an image search online for some abstract geometric shapes and patterns. Or search for tangrams shapes. Something that could work well is an image of two slanted rectangles intersected by an arrow shape, all inside of a circle. The partner who finds the image online has one minute to give instructions to the other, describing exactly how to draw the shapes.

The second partner must draw silently and cannot ask for clarification. After the minute is up, compare the drawing to the actual image and see how well or terribly you did. Have list competitions The website sporcle.

Lauren Mortimer

You could also do this as a pen-and-paper activity if you think of your own topics and use a timer. Do a snail-mail art project Complete an art project by mailing the materials back and forth.

For example, one of you could draw a doodle on an item and mail it off — the next could color in the doodle and draw a new one. Play storytelling games Ah, the ancient art of storytelling.

Some such games, like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, are book-based though expensiveand guide you through a fictional world, allowing you to direct the story based on your decisions. Other games, like the popular card game Once Upon A Time, require you to come up with the story, but gives you boundaries and inspiration in the form of keywords based around a theme. The game is affordable so you can purchase a copy for each of you and play via Skype.

Play board games online Listing all the sites you can use to play board games would probably require another book. I have enjoyed using this site many times. Days of Wonder has some really wonderful games at Daysofwonder. Minecraft, the world-building and exploring game, is an excellent choice for people who consider themselves non-gamers.

It is tons of fun to have your own private creative server where you and your partner can build a world together. Second Life, extremely popular with certain groups, is another user-built world where you can go to virtually hang out with others, though it lags and glitches terribly.

MMOs can be played on your computer or various consoles. Play or make text-based decision games Companies like Choice of Games at choiceofgames. Read aloud a game with your partner and take turns making the decisions.

love drawings for your boyfriend in pencil dating

Or make them together. Watch movies simultaneously This is probably the single most popular long distance relationship activity, as it is so easy to set up and mimics the traditional in-person movie date so well.

Love drawings for her

Get snacks and run Skype in the background so you can communicate during the movie. My boyfriend and I like watching documentaries together, and we always learn something new and find plenty to comment on during the movies. Play print-and-play games As a graphic designer, board game enthusiast, and someone in a long distance relationship, I felt that there really needed to be some more easily accessible and free board games that could be played without a dependency on Internet connections.

love drawings for your boyfriend in pencil dating

In order to play, you and your partner will each need to print a copy and learn the rules. Have drawing competitions Using sites like CoSketch. Keep your artwork saved on your computer so you can get it printed as a hysterical photo book one day.

5 Games You Can Play With Only Pen and Paper

Alternately, each of you could draw your image on a piece of paper and show it off via webcam. Miracle berries or miracle berry pills are naturally occurring fruits that change how your taste buds react to sour foods and drinks and make nearly everything taste sweet. Lemons will taste like sugar-saturated lemonade. The effects wear off in an hour or two, but during that period you and your partner can have a great time tasting drinks, sweets, and savory foods over Skype.

Read bedtime stories If you and your partner normally have a bedtime phone call, consider taking an extra ten to fifteen minutes each night to read stories aloud to one another.

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Bedtime stories are fun and relaxing and can even teach you new things and give you a sense of accomplishment. Cuddle up in bed and read a chapter over the phone, picking up where you left off the night before. One person may like to read and one person may prefer to listen, but you could also purchase two copies of the same book or share a digital version and take turns reading to one another each night. Alternatively, if neither of you feels like reading aloud, you could download the audio version of a book and listen to it simultaneously.

Have Skype drinking dates You can play some of your old favorite drinking games together via webcam or take turns choosing new and exciting drinks to try. Test out the same drink recipes together or, for sophisticated folk, sip and nibble on new brands and flavors of wine and cheese or tea and cookies.

Run outside and talk A Bluetooth headset for your phone or a simple set of earbuds with a built-in microphone will allow you to have tandem outdoor exercise time with your partner. Near the end you can encourage each other and give updates on how many minutes and seconds are left.

love drawings for your boyfriend in pencil dating

Hold a fitness competition The site Fitocracy. You can each work out in your own free time or set a time to work out together each day over Skype. Meld your faces together online There are a few sites where you can upload images of your face and the face of another person and see what you would look like mixed together.

Take any of the ideas from this list to form your double-date plan: