Tom and belanna start dating

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tom and belanna start dating

Day of Honor: Tom helps B'Elanna make the day of honor program, the talk about a dinner date, they fight and she pushes him away, they get trapped in space. Season 4, Episode 3 (Day of Honor) B'Elanna says she loves Tom Season 4, Episode 7 (Scientific Method) I think is the first kiss or first date. I've always found the Tom and B'Elanna relationship to be one of the to building a friendship, to dating, to getting married and having a baby.

The human Torres is portrayed fraught with fear but having strong technical expertise, while the Klingon Torres is shown as aggressive but impatient.

Day of Honor (episode)

After her escape from the Vidiians the Klingon Torres suffered a fatal wound from the Vidiian energy weapon and died, but the Doctor used her DNA to restore the human Torres to her original half-human half-Klingon state.

In the episode " Persistence of Vision ," it is revealed that Torres at the time had a romantic interest in Chakotay. InTorres was the target of telepathically inspired dreams from a member of a race called the Enarans. The dreams were actually memories of a great massacre that took place on the Enaran homeworld and were the elder Enaran's method of making sure that the memory of this massacre lives on, even if in the mind of an alien. Later that year, Vulcan engineer Vorik triggered Torres' mating instincts when he forcibly initiated a telepathic bond with her while he is experiencing the pon farr.

Torres and Tom Paris later became trapped on a planet together during an away missionand Torres attempted to get Paris to mate with her, but he resisted.

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Eventually, Vorik and Torres engaged in ritual battle to purge the blood fever. Torres later began a relationship with Paris after a complicated and stormy courtship. During an incident inTorres confessed her love to him when they were left floating in space in environmental suits, with almost no hope of rescue " Day of Honor ". Although Voyager was soon able to rescue them, Torres realized that her courage in admitting her love had brought her one step closer to discovering what she considered true honor.

Their relationship first flourished on screen during " Scientific Method. When Torres and Paris conceived their child inshe learned from the Doctor that the child would have distinct Klingon cranial ridges as well as other Klingon traits.

Torres, remembering painful events from her own childhood, urged the Doctor to perform gene therapy to reduce this phenotypeand even went so far as to reprogram him to do so.

Paris and Captain Janeway both disagreed and prevented the Doctor from performing the genetic modifications.

tom and belanna start dating

When Paris got her to open up, she admitted that she was afraid her husband would find living with two Klingons too difficult and leave her the way her father did. Once he allayed her fears, he admitted wanting even more children just like their mother, and Torres was shown as finally enjoying the pregnancy " Lineage ".

When a group of Klingon radicals spent time aboard Voyager " Prophecy "Torres began opening herself to more Klingon beliefs and, for the first time since childhood, was able to pray for her grandmother, L'Naal, and her great-grandmother, Krelik. When communications with Earth became available " Author, Author "she reached out to her estranged father, John Torres. Torres' and Paris' daughter, Miral Paris named after B'Elanna's motherwas born at the beginning ofduring Voyager's trip through a Borg transwarp conduit back to the Alpha Quadrant.

In an alternate timeline where Voyager made it home by different means, Miral was shown as an adult serving in Starfleetwith the rank of ensign. Birthdate[ edit ] Torres Birthdate - On September 2,the Official Star Trek website published an archive article with information on the press release for the launch of the series. In the document, which includes character biographies, it confirms that when the series began - "B'Elanna is a beautiful 25 year old woman who is half human, half klingon She offers him any help that she and her crew can give.

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He thanks her and makes a specific request for thorium isotopeswhich their technology depends on for power. Janeway promises to see what they can do. Torres' bad day continues. Seeing Seven working at a console, she cannot help but to ask her: She is upset when Seven matter-of-factly answers, "No. She then notes that the navigational deflector modifications for the transwarp technology will be ready in a few hours and states she should wait in her alcove until then.

Torres, barely containing her disgust, is only too happy to dismiss her.

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Torres sits in the mess hallpicking sullenly at her food. Neelix approaches her quietly, looking to cheer her up. He produces a freshly-prepared blood pie for her observance of the Day of Honor. He tells her that he makes it a point to know about the race-specific traditions of the crew members. Torres however, is even less inclined now to perform the ritual than before.

Neelix tells her at least she can then use him to give voice to her anger as she obviously needs it. I won't take it personally. And you won't need to keep things bottled up inside anymore. His offer does have an unexpected effect because she decides to go through with the ritual.

Torres eating from the heart of a sanctified targ The ritual takes place in a holographic simulation which she and Paris had created. Torres enters the simulation, going into a holographic Klingon cave, where she is accosted by a Klingon warrior. On his demand, she tells him her purpose: And then the day gets worse The warp core has to be dumped, and then Tom and B'Elanna's shuttle explodes, leaving them drifting out in space with a dwindling oxygen supply.

Facing possible death, the two come closer together Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life.

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No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.

tom and belanna start dating

They apparently increase Tom and B'Elanna's hormone levels and the two go Due to their "public displays", Paris and Torres are reprimanded by Janeway for their lack of judgement. Soon, however, the aliens and their tampering are discovered and everything goes back to normal. We also get to see Tom and B'Elanna's first on-screen "date" And get a bit of a scare Sounds like you see a future in this.

I replicated it myself. We have been a little out of control lately. Those aliens could have just been messing around with our hormones just to see what would happen. They could have been tampering with us for months.

What made you realize that you love me all of a sudden?

tom and belanna start dating

Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind. Welcome to Hell on Voyager. Pitted against the time-weapon bearing Krenim, our ship and its inhabitants get tossed around like rag dolls.

The ship falls apart, everyone gets pushed over the edge, Paris and Chakotay get kidnapped, and we get a sweet scene between Paris and Torres in the triage area when B'Elanna gets injured Not to mention that we get to see Janeway comfort B'Elanna when the crew is attempting to get their two missing crew members