Song hye kyo and jo in sung dating gong

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song hye kyo and jo in sung dating gong

See more. Jo In Sung's House Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, Winter, House, . Jo In Sung · Jo In Sung with Lee Kwang Soo Gong Hyo Jin, Gong Yoo, Kwang Soo. think he and Song Hye Kyo are made to be after That Winter, the Wind Blows. I think the logical conclusion is that Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung a really random announcement that he was totally still dating Kim Min Hee. Fans thought that Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo made such a great couple after the show ended it was revealed that he was dating actress Kim Min Hee. When Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub starred together in "The Master's.

It was evident that he was happy to finally be able to meet his Singaporean fans for a memorable date that evening.

song hye kyo and jo in sung dating gong

He also added that he was very happy to see the beautiful smiles of the many female fans present from where he was standing causing cheers to reverberate throughout the atrium. He answered questions about his drama and work life seriously and yet gave witty responses to other light-hearted questions.

song hye kyo and jo in sung dating gong

He says he enjoys being a celebrity, as an actor, because it feels great to be able to receive so much love from everyone for his work. He mused for awhile when asked what he would have done if he had not become an actor, before replying that since he had done the sport for a bit he would have probably became a Taekwondo director of a school.

On what animal he would choose to be, he easily replies that he wants to be a puppy which receives a lot of love from everyone, leaving the crowd to coo endearingly over him.

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He also mentions that he would like to be a mix of vanilla and chocolate ice cream when probed on that subject. The lucky and the rest of the contestants had a polaroid photo taken with the star of the day on stage before leaving the stage for the other contest winners and subscribers to have their chance for a one-on-one photo taking session with him.

As expected, Zo In Sung very naturally threw out fan-service in the form of cheeky expressions and gestures like hearts and hugs to the delight of the winners. Though the fans present were reluctant to let him leave, the fan-meet ended on a high note as he thanked all the fans for coming down to see him and personally thanking his fans from the Taiwan and Korean fanclubs.

He adds that although the trip here was a short one, he is very happy to have been able to make such unforgettable memories. He hopes that he would be able to visit Singapore more often in future so that rather than a fan-celebrity relationship, they could be friends instead, just like those of his fans in Korea. We would like to thank ONE for the opportunity to cover the event.

Are Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung Dating?

Do check out our coverage for the Malaysian stop as well. For the rest of the photos, check out our Facebook: It hadn't been that long since celebrity couple A and B revealed that they were dating before they broke up. The reason for the break up is said to be because of a 'certain video'. B used to live with an official in her agency before she began dating A, but once they started their relationship, she left her company to be with him until B discovered a video that she had recorded with the official she lived with.

Although the rest of the industry doesn't know for sure whether a video really does exist, we believe that it did play a big part in their break up.

song hye kyo and jo in sung dating gong

There are a lot of celebrities who are using the church as a secret date location. G and H, hot rising stars in the industry today, are also one such couple. G is a Christian while H is Catholic and the two got to know each other after their debut thanks to their religions and shared interests. Instead of going out on dates together, they're said to spend their time worshiping at church.

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Whether or not they're really a couple will only be known by God, right? Mid-level rookie actress F is on the chopping block for a severe act of betrayal. She's been getting popular lately thanks to her recent drama, but it seems it's all gone to her head, as she decided to kick her agency to the curb despite her CEO supporting her rookie career for the past seven years.

The CEO was so upset with her decision that he was even said to have thought of suicide.