Selena gomez and luke hemmings dating

Selena Gomez Luke Hemmings Dating? 5 SOS Confirms Crush on Sel : News : Realty Today

selena gomez and luke hemmings dating

Ed Sheeran was recently spotted leaving Selena Gomez's house and we all thought that meant a new music collaboration was on the way but Ed has dismissed. Nov 8, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford enjoyed a fun day with their respective girlfriends, Arzaylea and Crystal Leigh, and a ton of friends. Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer definitely has his eye on Selena Gomez, if his tour rider admission on Twitter is anything to go by.

The pair have been spotted together on numerous occasions since, leading us to believe that they could very well be a couple after all!

Luke Hemmings Talks About Selena Gomez [Luke/Selena]

Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold Harry's latest love interested is said to be Victoria's Secret model Nadine Leopold, with sources claiming that Hazza has been spending all his free time in LA with her.

A source even claimed to The Sun that "It's the real deal. He's never felt this way about anyone before". We'll have to wait and see if Mr Styles confirms it!

selena gomez and luke hemmings dating

The Vamps' Brad Simpson and Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui The Vamps' frontman's relationship with the Fifth Harmony singer has been under question for a good few months after they were spotted spending a lot of time together on tour.

The pair have kept tight lipped about whether they are a couple, however Lauren was spotted backstage at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball with Brad so we think it's almost definitely happening! We'll just have to wait and see if there is any truth to these rumours… Pictures: So watch this space, guys! They've been spotted going on dinner dates since the start of the year and John partied with Katy and Missy Elliott backstage after Katy's Super Bowl performance too.

Selena Gomez and Zedd The rumours about Selena and Zedd first started at the end ofwhen the pair were increasingly spotted together. Both Zedd and Selena posted some cosy snaps — including one he posted of her in bed!

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Since earlier this year however, the rumours have died down, was it all just hear'say? They may not be dating, but Tay Tay is a huge fan of the band, rocking their merch on many occasions since. Then Arzaylea dropped him to go find some opportunities with Luke Hemmings.

That led her to not paying the rent for the apartment that she was living in with Bryan. He seems like it!

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I saw some of his tweets on my timeline and this boy WOKE. Some people move to LA and just crave the lifestyle.

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You know, your typical guys who like slut around and sleep with fans. I believe they also stated that before. Now listen, I could specialize in how to spot a PR relationship. Alana and I, are masters in what is PR and what is not. First of all, Luke Hemmings and his band are really not that important to the general public.

They are not Taylor Swift. They are not Justin Bieber. The general public does not care about who they date.

selena gomez and luke hemmings dating

Second of all, PR relationships are to promote something or to gain relevancy. Usually happens before, around, or after the release of something.

Oh the many times I stated that phrase on this blog. Third of all, their first spottings look very forced. Kind of like my favorite PR contract, Jelena back when they were a deal.