Romi and whitney dating

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romi and whitney dating

Jess lifts the veil on Whitney's main bitches: Romi, Sara and the Real When I was a teenager, my very first girlfriend's father used to claim that. It has been a wild year for Romi Klinger, who ended her run on the I did not get married on the same day as Whitney and Sada on the show. There is so much drama going on in Romi Klinger's life right now. Her ex- girlfriend Whitney is dating her friend Sara, who has brainwashed.

Do you have any regrets throughout this whole process? I have HUGE regrets.

romi and whitney dating

I regret the strap-on episode and I regret that day entirely. Do your parents watch the show? My parents have no idea about the show but my sister watches it. I had to delete all of my family friends in the Portuguese community from my Facebook to keep them from talking about it online.

Romi, Sara & Alyssa Tell All: Real L Word’s Whitneyhouse Does The Autostraddle Interview

Well, the whole gay thing is very open in my family because my mom was with a woman for 15 years and my aunt is a lesbian. Did your family see the creamed corn wrestling episode? My mom knows there was a strap-on sex scene that was filmed and I asked my family to please not watch the episode. She respected that and has been supportive.

Life After The "Real L Word" Four Years Later: Where Are They Now? - AfterEllen

This not only directly affects me, and my ability to marry the woman I have been with for the last six years [Shay], it is also a genuine contradiction to what America is supposed to stand for in regards to civil rights.

It is also a blatant overlap of church and state that has created an entire population of second class citizens. I grew up in a family with two women as parents and I saw what happened to my family as a result of not having a lot of rights. Tell me about a book that changed your life.

It changed my life and the way I think about things so I really love that book and think everyone should read it. The other book is by Julia Butterfly and has to do with forests. Are we gay, are we straight, are we masculine, are we feminine? We all go through these things. Am I going to fall apart over being hated? But, yes, it did hurt me. Dusty is an absolutely amazing person. I was just being really honest—and that has opened us up to criticism. I love hard; I follow my heart.

But [the show] put all of it out there in the most chopped-up way. The timing, the sequence of events, and what they presented was not the story that I was telling. I did not get married on the same day as Whitney and Sada on the show. I married Dusty in Las Vegas a month before they got married. The show portrayed it as if I got married on the same day as Whitney.

romi and whitney dating

There was never any marriage competition, which is how they characterized it. I think there are a thousand things I need to work on. Apparently, [the producers] thought I would be a good person to follow because I am impulsive.

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But I can pick myself back up and keep on going. I have many [lesbian] friends who would date a bisexual woman. There are all these rules that dictate being within the group—but only in the way the group wants it.

Are you on good terms with anyone from the show? Whitney and Sada and I have a real history. My love for her is huge.

romi and whitney dating

Rose Garcia is my best friend in the entire world. Rose and I do a radio show together. And Kelsey [Chavarria] is in my life today. No, I would not.

romi and whitney dating

I no longer want my life to be watched. It ends up being messy and it gets read wrong.

Life After “The Real L Word”: Where The Cast Is Now

Some of the others know how to present the persona that they want. Which cast member was the most successful at keeping her mask up? There are some people, but I would really rather not say. I am so horrible at that. Are you seeing anyone now? I am not seeing anybody now. December 14, Photo: Fingers crossed these two are still living the dream together! Instagram When we last checked in with Rose, she admitted to doing a lot of personal work since her time on the show and her breakup with Natalie.

The couple recently celebrated their third anniversary and Ms. Garcia has even hinted at marriage in some of her Instagram posts. Check out a picture of the pair partying in Oklahoma plot twist! Time heals all wounds, people. Stamie still works as a realtor and pursues her comedy on the side.