Robbie amell and italia ricci dating

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robbie amell and italia ricci dating

Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci are finally sharing some wedding details! "I got in trouble for releasing the date once," The star said sheepishly. EXCLUSIVE: Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci Tease Upcoming Kate Gosselin's Blind Date with a New Man: 'I Have to Be Extra Choosy. Since , actors Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) and Italia Ricci ( Chasing Life) have been dating, and just a couple hours ago they got engaged!.

When he was six years old Amell and his sister, Amanda, started modeling and taking small roles and commercials. Amell also played hockey, and for a while thought that he would follow that career path. However, after getting high school roles in plays like The Importance of Being Earnest, he soon found his passion for acting. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, both Amells talked about how they bonded over video games and pool parties during childhood, but that the age gap eventually distanced them.

He also has a small role in American Pie Presents: Amell quickly moved to television, with a role on the Canadian televisions series, Life With Derek.

‘The Flash’ Alum Robbie Amell And ‘Supergirl’ Grad Italia Ricci Share Photo From Their Wedding

A sitcom about a divorced man and another divorced woman marrying and combining families, Amell played, Max, the high school quarterback and boyfriend to one of the girls, Casey. The show was eventually syndicated on the Disney Channel in the United States.

A remake of the British series, the show is a science-fiction drama, where a small percentage of the population is born with superpowers; instead of becoming successful superheroes, many turn to crime and live in poverty. Amell plays Stephen Jameson, a high school student who recently develops telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation abilities.

Italia Ricci

Erik Adams of A. Mae Whitman who plays The Duff Bianca comes around the corner. I start bouncing my chest up and down and what you see is her real reaction.

Well it really works!

Robbie Amell & Italia Ricci: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know |

I understand you shot in Atlanta and the cast did a lot of off-set activities together. Tell me about some you really enjoyed.

robbie amell and italia ricci dating

We all enjoy food and all went out for so many dinners and lunches and breakfasts. The nice thing about shooting on location is you are forced to spend time with the people you are working with.

If you are shooting at home, you have the crutch of going home and just sleeping.

robbie amell and italia ricci dating

On location you want to be social and hang out. We had a really good group. We went to an Atlanta Braves game. Everybody just feels like the DUFF at different times in their lives. Everybody goes through it at some point.

Everybody can relate to the feeling. I think you would have to be pretty messed up to think of other people as DUFFs though.

robbie amell and italia ricci dating

Any negative high school experiences? I finished high school in Toronto. I always make the joke that I grew up in Toronto and everybody in Canada is polite so I had a really good high school experience. I really enjoyed my high school experience. If I saw anybody being bullied, I was the guy who stepped in and stopped it.

At the same time, I had bad skin when I was in high school and nothing makes you feel more like a DUFF than looking in the mirror and not liking what you see.

robbie amell and italia ricci dating

I feel like that was my DUFF-ing. When I first read the script I was really scared he was going to be this typical jock.

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As I read the script I realized that this guy has a good heart. He has good intentions. I feel like the beginning was me hamming it up. Talk about working with Mae and then working with Bella. Are they two very different ladies? Mae is always on.