Prince william and catherine dating

Dark Secrets Behind Prince William and Kate Middleton's Past Breakup

prince william and catherine dating

Prince William and Kate Middleton's love story in photos, starting with The pretty brunette didn't begin dating William until she split from her. While Kate Middleton and Prince William's brief breakup is now nothing but a distant memory to us all, details of how the now-Duke and. When Prince Charles married Lady Diana in , it confirmed what everyone had long suspected: The royal dating pool was as limited as ever. Sure, a young .

The duchess was unsure about her career path and if she wanted to take on a life as a royal.

How did Kate Middleton meet Prince William?

Meanwhile, the prince was increasingly less likely to head to London and instead spent his time partying with his barracks. Middleton woke up to the image in the papers the next day. Dressed in tragic matching tweed outfits, the pair looked absolutely miserable and did not seem to be comfortable around each other.

prince william and catherine dating

He was photographed touching one girl inappropriately and flirting with other. Both Middleton and the prince were humiliated.

prince william and catherine dating

Moving on The end Kate Middleton tried to move on from her heartbreak. Her relationship with William was officially over, and she was ready and willing to put it behind her, despite the heartbreak.

She was devastated by the end of her relationship, but she was determined not to let it show.

Royal Wedding: timeline of Prince William and Kate Middleton's modern romance

Prince William, on the other hand, was already having second thoughts just a few weeks into the breakup. He attended to his royal duties, had a few very low-key nights out, and began plotting a way to get back together with Middleton.

prince william and catherine dating

He enlisted his best friend James Meade to help. The duchess was reportedly reluctant to reconcile at first. She dated William at St Andrews, quitting the scene upon Kate's arrival. The trio have remained friends, however, and Olivia, 28, went on to romance William van Cutsem, son of Prince Charles's friend Hugh.

They have since parted Jecca Craig: The party events manager, 28, was William's Kenyan teen romance.

Kate Middleton and Prince William kept us guessing for eight long years | Daily Mail Online

Their love blossomed at her family's 55,acre game reserve. She broke off her engagement to her long-term boyfriend, Hugh Crossley, last year Rose Farquhar: The aspiring actress, now 26, stole William's heart after he left Eton in the summer of Rose, daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt, has known William since they were children and they are still firm friends Jecca Craig, whom he met as a teenager, was the first to be romantically linked with him.

The pair's friendship soon turned to romance, with William and Kate even sharing the same flat in the second year of university.

William and Kate: A Year On

Fast forward 17 years, and the couple are now happily married with three children. Let's take a look back to see how their love story blossomed… Photo: However, at this time, Kate was seeing someone else.

prince william and catherine dating

The pretty brunette didn't begin dating William until she split from her previous boyfriend — a former St Andrews student. Four months after romance blossomed between the pair, a ski break in Klosters confirmed that Prince William was indeed enjoying his first ever serious relationship with this pretty brunette.

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She was reported to have spent several weekends at a remote cottage on the Queen's Balmoral estate and taken painstaking steps to keep their budding closeness under wraps.

It wouldn't be fair on him or them. It was their first appearance together at a family wedding and seen by royal watchers as a sign that Kate was gearing up to be a permanent fixture in William's life. After their graduation ceremony the couple, joined by their families, attended a celebratory lunch together, and began looking forward to the rest of their lives — but nothing, from here on in, would be the same.

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Having been able to live in virtual seclusion during their time as students, they wouldn't be granted such luxury once out of the safety of Fife and into the big, wide world. The occasion was the first time that his girlfriend — who had recently begun a job as an accessories buyer for high street store Jigsaw — had been seen at a high-profile public event also attended by the Queen and other senior royals.