Own goals and gaffs online dating

Danny Baker's Own Goals And Gaffs 2 [] [VHS]: Danny Baker (Pres/Narr): northwestmusicscene.info: Video

own goals and gaffs online dating

Danny Baker's Own Goals And Gaffs 2 [] [VHS] [VHS Tape . London Storehouse is an online store providing products from entertainment, kitchen & household items to Delivery times are from despatch and not from the order date. Access any Blocked Websites, Bypass online blocks, Free Proxy to Unblock any Sites. Own goals and gaffs online dating open Blocked Sites Easily Use Proxies. As the age of gifs, memes, Vines and internet streaming took hold, the Danny Baker's Own Goals and Gaffs was, to be frank, the genre's.

Writing and presenting early—late s [ edit ] Baker appeared regularly on LWT's regional output during the s and early s - working on such programmes as Six O'Clock Live, Danny Baker's Londoners, and inThe Game - a six-part series which featured coverage of teams involved in the fourth division of the East London Sunday Football League. The series was later released on DVD.

TV Hellwhich was a collection of the worst TV programmes ever. During an edition of his own later series "TV Heroes" featuring the audiences from Top Of The Pops, Baker described himself as "looking like he was trying to put out a small fire".

Baker also began a BBC Saturday night chat showcalled Danny Baker After All which borrowed its style from Late Night with David Lettermanbut his style and guests Rick Wakeman of prog rock band Yes was a regular did not attract the mainstream audience the slot demanded. Baker parodied his Daz ads by appearing as himself on the sitcom Me, You and Him. Guest appearances late s—s [ edit ] During the late s he made guest appearances on comedy shows including Have I Got News for YouShooting Stars and Room During this period he appeared in the press as a result of nights out with friends Chris Evans and England footballer Paul Gascoigne.

Gascoigne was under media scrutiny for drinking and socialising while preparing for tournaments. He also appeared on The Terry and Gaby Show from to where he burnt his hand trying to perform a trick with a microwave and a piece of soap and has appeared on BBC Two quiz show QIbecoming the show's first ever winner. The Story of the Ramones, providing an audio commentary.

The show was produced by Chris Evanswho became a good friend to Baker.

Own goals and gaffs online dating

InBaker joined the newly launched BBC Radio 5presenting Sportscall, a phone-in sports quiz broadcast every Saturday lunchtime.

From October to October he presented and, from February until Octoberhe presented Morning Edition from 6: The show blended Baker's love of unusual trivia with 'grown-up' music. Mark Kermode added weekly film reviews, and would later appear with his band 'The Railtown Bottlers' every week on the first series of Baker's TV show. Simon Mayo took over Sunday mornings. Baker's style led to a fall in listeners at Radio 1 but despite his tendering his resignation on at least two occasions, management added extensions to his contract.

From Octoberhis Saturday show went out from After a digression of Danny Baker's Right Hammeringsa sequel - Own Goals and Gaffs 2 since you ask - stuck to the same formula.

  • Whatever happened to the football blooper DVD?
  • More Own Goals And Gaffs (VHS, 2003)

Still the archive 60s and 70s footage kept coming and, still, the lack of competition kept it fresh. Segments shot on location in local recreation grounds were a foreboding nod to the low-budget productions of the next two decades.

Baker, like an over-the-hill Mark Spitz trying to qualify for the Olympics or the straight-to-TV Home Alone 5just couldn't resist one more flog of a dead horse, resulting in 's chaotic Glorious Return of Own Goals and Gaffs.

For Danny Baker's footbal blooper Blur, though, there had to be an Oasis. Football Doctor was notable for footage of adult film star Linsey Dawn McKenzie, wearing only a thong and high-heels, strutting across a non-league football pitch to kiss Jarvis Cocker.

The football blooper had gone all certificate Oh, and there was Noah Hickey: The series' confusing quasi-sequel of Johnny Vaughan's Own Goals and Gaffs III marked the point at which the whole thing was finally put out of its misery.

own goals and gaffs online dating

The low-budget covers predominately feature the semi-famous presenter often holding a ball and, occasionally, also pointing at it standing in front of a computer-rendered goalnet. To avoid product placement, there's a heavy reliance on the classic but now obsolete hexagonal ball design so beloved of football's stock photographers. Older VHS efforts would boast on their cover about how many minutes of action they contained.

In the DVD era, this graduated to vague claims about being the "ultimate" or "top" collection of football mishaps. Production companies started looking beyond journeyman panel-show comedians and tested the ex-player waters.

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A perma-chuckling David Seaman fronted the quickfire brace of Goalkeeping Nightmares and Jeepers Keeperswhich both capitalise on the well-worn caricature of the lonesome goalkeeping fall-guy. Responsibly, though, the latter effort is also punctuated with genuine coaching tips for budding custodians.

own goals and gaffs online dating

David James would tread the same path a few years later, reappopriating his "Calamity" nickname to front the existential thriller Who Would Be A Goalkeeper?

Unintelligible former Radio 1 DJs Mark and Lard then took on the Football Nightmares franchise from Hancock, who subsequently tried his hand at mortgage brokering. Meanwhile, a casually-dressed, pre-hairplugs James Nesbitt rode the wave of his Cold Feet fame by presenting Eat My Goalwhich sold itself with the indisputable reasoning of "Eat My Goal As is always the case when trying to shoehorn a non-footballer into a football context, some clumsy comparisons are required for the promotional text: Gordon proves he's just as much of an expert on the pitch as he is in the kitchen.

He's also just about as intolerant of mistakes, which makes watching this carnival of the terminally stupid even funnier.

One particular Amazon reviewer, however, was unamused: If there is an option to purchase and watch this or insert hot needles under your finger nails, the needles would give you a more enjoyable experience.

Danny Baker

Moving on, and another example of some if-it's-broke-don't-worry-just-do-it-again marketing strategy. Ian Wright, whose post-retirement media journey took as long to get going as his professional playing days, fronted the seminal It Shouldn't Happen to a Footballer in and, a year later, It Really Shouldn't Happen to a Footballer.

Next to blindly attempt the troubling equation of footballing clumsiness to mental illness was Bradley Walsh's Soccer Shockerswhich promises "the ultimate collection of football insanity": Fans dressed as Elvis!

Mascots waving at the camera! Referees getting in the way! Meanwhile, Gary Lineker's Action Replay took a more measured approach, and ended up being one of the most bland productions of the lot.

own goals and gaffs online dating

The re birth of banter 's lowlight was surely this: