Mikado and anri dating

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mikado and anri dating

Mikado ends up being friends with both Kida and Anri, and potentially will even end up dating/being with Anri. Kida will remain their friend, and. Durarara!! is a anime series directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Brain's Base. Title, Original air date, English air date. 01, "Exit 1 As Shizuo confronts Simon, Mikado and Anri run away leaving Masaomi behind. They stop at a. Kida are gonna be wit someone else northwestmusicscene.info for Mikado and Anri.. who knows? XD the anime kinda just ended it wit them being friends i.

If anything changed they might have spent more time together and were a little less shy about touching, after what they ended up doing together it seemed silly that they would have trouble holding hands. They did talk more frankly about their lives, Anri told Mikado more about Saika and Mikado told her about his life growing up with Masaomi in the country. Anri even finally spoke to him about watching her parents die, Mikado was noticeably shocked but he stayed there with Anri.

Every night before bed they would talk to each other on the phone.

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  • In Durarara anime, who will end up... Mikado and Anri? Kida and Anri? Or No one?

Anri would also chat about her dates with Celty online and talk to Erika once in a while by phone. Mikado wasn't getting as good advice from Walker but it was nice to have someone to talk to.

Meanwhile Shinra had bought a large safe and installed it in his apartment. He only put one thing in the safe, Saika. Saika was still wrapped up in the shadows but Shinra felt it was better not to take chances and locked it in the safe.

mikado and anri dating

In the meanwhile he kept an eye for anything that might sound like the slasher or Saika. All the people who collapsed had been cleared leaving everyone with a big mystery as to why it happened. Life seemed good they were having something of a normal life. Mikado might have wanted something more out of life but he was getting enough excitement from being friends with a mythical creature and having a girl that used to be possessed by a sword.

mikado and anri dating

Everyone was fairly happy. Even Shizuo was, well, not as angry as usual since even Izaya wasn't seen in the city recently. Even crime seemed to be down as Shizuo had beaten a great deal of the cities dangerous criminals all in one night.

The only noticeable down side was that it meant a certain motorcycle cop had more time to chase a certain Black Rider. Overall it was pretty good, Celty could handle herself so no one really worried that much. Anyway the young couple did try to have a close to a normal relationship. They decided to avoid having sex again until they felt they were ready.

Though they still kissed and made out. A couple of weeks passed and they did get closer.

Mikado and Anri

They started a habit of sleep with each other. In this particular night Anri was staying over Mikado. She packed a simple over night with a change of clothes and her pajamas. Mikado's apartment wasn't as nice as Anri's, it was a little messy and a little dingy.

Mikado did get some money from his parents but mostly paid for it himself with money he got from a job managing websites. Either way Anri didn't really care. They had dinner together and then went off to bed. They cuddled together on Mikado's futon. They were still prone to blushing a little when doing this new habit. Both have lived alone for a while so it was wonderful to have someone there at night. It was especially meaningful for Anri, who never really had a family.

Anri got to go to sleep being held by Mikado and she felt secure in his embrace just knowing he would be there in the morning. Mikado loved that he could kiss her and hold her as they slept, just feeling her warmth let him sleep better than he had his whole life.

In the morning a the morning chill tickled Anri's neck as she rested her head on Mikado's chest. She rolled to the side to take the cold off her neck. Her eyes cracked open and she could make out a blur of yellow. She had taken off her glasses to go to bed so she had to squint to make anything out.

Mikado and anri dating after divorce. northwestmusicscene.info

Then she shrieked in surprise when she saw what was in front of her. Mikado was woken up and jolted up with her.

Having slept with his arms around her, them both of them jolting up and given a small fright had left Mikado's hands on Anri's breast. When they realized it they both gasped pulling away. Mikado pulled away his hands and Anri pulled her knees to her chest to cover up a little. How did you get in? I just got back in town.

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I trade emails with Kadota sometimes he told me you guys had started to date. From Anri's side of the relationship, it is clear that Mikado's admittedly somewhat feeble advances towards her are starting to have an effect but, like Mikado, she is hesitant to advance their relationship. In chapter 4 of Durarara!! SHit is revealed that Mikado and Anri have officially begun dating. Conflict Edit In the light novels, the reason Anri tries to avoid a romantic relationship with Mikado or with anyone for that matter is because of Saika.

The way she explains this is that, Saika fills its host with an uncontrollable feeling of love that manifests as a desire to cut people since, as a sword, that's all Saika knows how to express anything. Since Anri locked away all her emotions after her parents died specifically loveSaika merely balances out the emotions she has locked away which is how she is able to keep the spirit of the sword from going berserk. Anri is afraid that if she allows herself to fall in love with Mikado, it will give Saika enough power to take full control and cause her to hurt him.

Mikado calls Namie claiming he will bring Mika to her in exchange for the truth behind Mika. Mikado, disgusted by the truth, asks Namie to turn herself in. Before he is reached by her bodyguards stationed around the meeting place, Mikado sends a message from his phone, which gets sent to practically everyone around them and causes a spectacular commotion. Meanwhile, Kyohei brings Mika to Celty at the roof of a building. It is then revealed that these people are all recent members of the Dollars who have gathered for a meeting that Mikado orchestrated.

It is explained that Mikado was the original founder of the Dollars long ago, but people started to believe that the gang never existed. However, when coming to Ikebukuro, he learns what people eventually thought of the gang. During the commotion, Mikado escapes into the crowd.

mikado and anri dating

Celty, seeing Mika in front of her, realizes that getting her head back is nearly impossible at this point, and, disregarding the potential consequences of her action, makes a grand entrance into the middle of the crowd and defeats Namie's bodyguards.