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mikado and anri dating services

This page is for the relationship between Anri Sonohara and Mikado Ryuugamine. SH, it is revealed that Mikado and Anri have officially begun dating. Mikado ends up being friends with both Kida and Anri, and potentially will even end up dating/being with Anri. Kida will remain their friend, and. Anri and Mikado status, dating their of shy, to Jump episodes Durarara!! of List to up class="b_adSlug">AdSign; 40s Over The For Agency class="b_adSlug">.

After the arrival to Toramaruthe Awakusu members tell Celty to keep Akane safe while they hold them off. Celty transforms her motorbike into a chariot and Anri, Akane, and Mikado get on and ride thorough the city.

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The four of them eventually come to an underground parking lot to regroup. Mikado gets a message from the dollars message board and runs off in a hurry. Celty shows Anri the message about the kidnapping and sees Rio and her friends in the picture. She rushes after Mikado and finds him about to get beaten to death by several rogue dollars members. Anri easily incapacitates them with Saika and tends to an injured Mikado. Although bruised, Mikado has no broken bones and the duo proceed to Raira which is where the kidnappers said they were going.

mikado and anri dating services

Vorona follows them discreetly. When they arrive, they see the rogue dollars confronting Chikage and Kyouhei. As Mikado watches, Vorona launches another attack on Anri and throws a flash bang which blinds the two of them.

Although she loses her eyesight, Anri allows Saika to take control and allows it to fight for her while her eyesight recovers. She tells mikado to run as Vorona leads Anri into the large battle surrounding the Dollars and Toramaru against kidnappers.

As they continue to fight, Vorona manages to knock Anri off balance and is about to make the killing blow. Chikage Rokujou blocks both of their attacks, reprimanding them for trying to kill each other. The entire battle is interrupted by the arrival of Shizuo who incapacitates all of the kidnappers.

Anri is reluctant to tell them the full details, but the others understand and accept her for who she is which touches Anri. Anri looks around for Mikado but can't seem to find him anywhere. She returns home, exhausted, and logs on to the chatroom.

She makes a comment on how empty the forum has been recently and logs off, unaware of the change that has occurred in Mikado's heart. Daily Life Arc Anri plays a minor role in this part of the story, only appearing when Seiji asks her about Mika's location and later when she goes to visit her mother's grave she converses with Akabayashi. Adabashi Arc Edit Anri is worried over the recent change in Mikado's personality as he begins to grow increasingly distant from her.

When she confronts him about his recent change, Mikado asks her about Saika upfront which shocks Anri since they promised not to discuss their secrets until Masaomi had returned. When Anri refuses to give a straight answer, Mikado simply replies that if Anri stayed out of his business, he would stay out of hers. Things are further complicated as Anri begins to notice that it is getting harder and harder for her to keep Saika in check.

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Anri talks to Celty about her predicament and Anri realizes that Saika only appears to get worse whenever Mikado is around or if she is thinking about him.

Since Anri has only been able to keep Saika under control due to an apparent lack of love, the fact that Saika acts up whenever Mikado is around implies that Anri may be developing feelings for him. She is attacked by Adabashibut he chases after Yuigadokusonmaro. Anri eventually meets Masaomi who, by this time, has reassembled the yellow scarves.

Although Anri is worried, he reassures her and tells her that he'll set Mikado straight.

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Anri is relieved that Masaomi has returned but is still deeply concerned about Mikado and Saika. Anri doesn't appear until near the very end of the novel where she runs into Erika while out shopping.

Erika suggests that Anri take up cosplay however Anri is less than enthusiastic about the idea. Erika and Anri started to talk about Anri's relationship with Mikado. All the while, Erika and her friends are forcing Anri to try on various outfits, much to her dismay.

Anri then starts to ask a lot of questions about Masaomi's return when Erika brings it up. After hearing that Kyouhei's surgery went well, she leaves the hospital and tries to call Mika but Mika doesn't answer the call.

Erika asks Anri to get cat ears at a cosplay shop so that Kyouhei will wake up surrounded by girls wearing cat ears when they visit him.

mikado and anri dating services

Izaya tells her what he is going to do with Masaomi and Mikado which causes Anri severe emotional stress. Erika angrily defends Anri from Izaya's taunts, saying she will support Anri as a friend. Later Anri bumps into Haruna who asks her to follow her to a park.

Haruna tells that she would if she were younger but would forgive her now and asks to collaborate. Anri rejects her offer. Haruna thanks her for rejecting her because now she has a reason to fight her. Anri lets Haruna slash her but Kasane stop the event. Kasane then explains that the Saika she owns is only half of the original and that she owns the the other half of Saika.

She attempts to buy Saika from Anri, but Anri refuses. After meeting with Haruna and Kasane, she bumps into Saki. Saki asks her about her relationship with Masaomi and she tells her that they are just friends. Edit She arrives late to Masaomi and Mikado's showdown, with Saki.

mikado and anri dating services

As Saki hangs back, the three friends reveal their secrets to each other, while laughing and smiling. Suddenly, Nasujima appears behind Anri, and attempts to stab her, however, Mikado jumps in the way, and takes the blow instead. This enrages Anri into attempting to attack her former teacher, only for Haruna to intercept her and protect Nasujima, whom she would disappear with after he is run over by Togusa.

He only put one thing in the safe, Saika. Saika was still wrapped up in the shadows but Shinra felt it was better not to take chances and locked it in the safe. In the meanwhile he kept an eye for anything that might sound like the slasher or Saika. All the people who collapsed had been cleared leaving everyone with a big mystery as to why it happened. Life seemed good they were having something of a normal life. Mikado might have wanted something more out of life but he was getting enough excitement from being friends with a mythical creature and having a girl that used to be possessed by a sword.

Everyone was fairly happy. Even Shizuo was, well, not as angry as usual since even Izaya wasn't seen in the city recently. Even crime seemed to be down as Shizuo had beaten a great deal of the cities dangerous criminals all in one night. The only noticeable down side was that it meant a certain motorcycle cop had more time to chase a certain Black Rider.

Overall it was pretty good, Celty could handle herself so no one really worried that much. Anyway the young couple did try to have a close to a normal relationship. They decided to avoid having sex again until they felt they were ready. Though they still kissed and made out. A couple of weeks passed and they did get closer. They started a habit of sleep with each other.

In this particular night Anri was staying over Mikado. She packed a simple over night with a change of clothes and her pajamas. Mikado's apartment wasn't as nice as Anri's, it was a little messy and a little dingy. Mikado did get some money from his parents but mostly paid for it himself with money he got from a job managing websites.

Either way Anri didn't really care. They had dinner together and then went off to bed. They cuddled together on Mikado's futon. They were still prone to blushing a little when doing this new habit. Both have lived alone for a while so it was wonderful to have someone there at night. It was especially meaningful for Anri, who never really had a family.

Anri Sonohara

Anri got to go to sleep being held by Mikado and she felt secure in his embrace just knowing he would be there in the morning. Mikado loved that he could kiss her and hold her as they slept, just feeling her warmth let him sleep better than he had his whole life.

In the morning a the morning chill tickled Anri's neck as she rested her head on Mikado's chest. She rolled to the side to take the cold off her neck. Her eyes cracked open and she could make out a blur of yellow. She had taken off her glasses to go to bed so she had to squint to make anything out.

Then she shrieked in surprise when she saw what was in front of her. Mikado was woken up and jolted up with her. Having slept with his arms around her, them both of them jolting up and given a small fright had left Mikado's hands on Anri's breast.

When they realized it they both gasped pulling away. Mikado pulled away his hands and Anri pulled her knees to her chest to cover up a little. How did you get in? I just got back in town. I trade emails with Kadota sometimes he told me you guys had started to date. As soon as I heard that I had to come back. As for how I got in I opened the door with Mikado's spare key. I got it incase he locked himself out I just never got around to giving it back to him.

I get in and guess who I find snuggling together. The second most awkward time they found themselves getting dressed together. A few minutes later they had all found themselves together at a small cafe.

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Masaomi was rather pleased and Saki seemed happy enough but the new couple had barely stop blushing. Women just looking for someone available for date night.

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mikado and anri dating services

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