Matt and kim interview dating

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matt and kim interview dating

That's how Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim describes the eponymous indie I wanted to start this interview by saying that “Daylight” was my anthem in . and then we got together and within three months of dating, we moved in. Such is the case for Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, a.k.a., Matt & Kim. The indie- pop duo began dating at the Pratt Institute before they formed. The US alt-dance duo chat to Gigwise about their new album, and opening up />.

The duo also performed the song on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The video was filmed during winter on a cold day. They also engaged in a two-month nationwide tour from September to November.

matt and kim interview dating

They released their third studio album, Sidewalksin November on the Fader Label. This was the duo's first album to not be self-produced. Instead, Ben Allen, who had previously produced albums for Gnarls Barkley and Animal Collectivewas one of the co-producers.

When comparing the budget for the "Cameras" video against the one for "Lessons Learned," Johnson noted, "We spent 10 times as much money to make this happen. The duo released their fourth studio album, Lightningon the Fader Label in October They premiered the lead single from the album, "Get It," with an accompanying lyric video in January The band toured extensively upon the release of New Glow, commencing with a U.

More US and Canadian festivals followed throughout the summer. They returned to the UK for an arena tour supporting Fall Out Boy, including two nights at Wembley Arena and finished out the year in the US doing festivals, college shows and radio events.

That is a tough one. As redundant as it may sound, God is what keeps our relationship so strong and there is no doubt about it. How do both of your parents and families feel about your relationship?

matt and kim interview dating

How do you deal with any family members that may struggle with your relationship? But after they got to know Matt, how could they NOT like him? My family is very welcoming to Glory and love her as their own. Any tips for others guys in similar situations? They prepared dinner for me and Momma Kim made me Kalbi, and it was delicious!

Interview with SLICEnRICE - Matt Brooks and Glory Kim - Asian Black Couples

I would say respect is the biggest key. If you were to go on a job interview, you would dress for the part, as well as make sure they know you are excellent for whatever you are trying to pursue.

In that same way, I try to show her parents that I am the best for Glory. Glory, what changed to make the relationship with Matt and your family improve over time? Nothing changed, my parents are just getting to know Matt better.

They also love Matt so I am still as happy as I will ever be regardless of the situation. We can tell that your Christian faith is important to both of you which is awesome. Tell us more about what your faith means to you and your relationship.

Are you both the same faith? Do you both attend the same church? It means everything to us.

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We want God to be a part of everything that we do and are involved in. God is in our relationship.

matt and kim interview dating

When we go to work, we try to work hard for God. Yes, our faith means everything to us.

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When we meet people, we try to show them love like Jesus showed love to others. We are both non-denominational Christians. We love the way you express your faith in your videos! When did it start? Has the name and focus of the channel stayed the same from the beginning? In one of the first conversations we ever had with each other, we both realized our love for YouTube.

Matt and Kim

After swapping our personal YouTube channels with each other, we discovered that Matt was already subscribed to my channel without even knowing! From the very beginning, we bonded over our love for YouTube and our dreams and aspirations to become full-time YouTubers one day. As we got to know each other better, we noticed how much we shared a common interest in comedy and entertainment.

Matt and Kim Interview

So it was only appropriate for us to make a channel together! I have an extreme love for pizza, and Glory has an extreme love for rice. We were throwing ideas together and this name came up and it had a nice ring to it. The official start date of our YouTube channel was June 12, How do you split up the duties of producing a finished video?

matt and kim interview dating

We are indeed very passionate! We both graduated with film degrees so we both have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to media production. Having the two of us is always great since we trust each other when it comes to filming and editing. We do a great job making sure we equally put in the same amount of energy and work in every video we do. Yes, your editing and video skills are very apparent in your videos.

You both seem to have a real passion for making videos. Tell us more about that. Editing is my favorite aspect of film so I love to take advantage of that as much as I can. We both love film so YouTube is a perfect platform for us to share that love and entertain others with more than just a simple cut.

Also, one of my biggest goals is to be in a film that I direct. I feel like our skill sets compliment each other well.

Watching Glory edit, I was able to learn more editing tricks and techniques! We love your passion! So, who is your target audience for the channel? What do your viewer demographics look like so far?

matt and kim interview dating

Who are your viewers? We try to target high schoolers to post college graduates. We like to have fun doing a bunch of awesome things, and we also enjoy having mature conversations with our Ninjas, which is what we call our subscribers.

Why do you call your viewers Ninjas? Is it influenced more by Asian culture or African American culture? For Genesis, I had a really fun time writing the rough draft for the script and coming up with clever things to incorporate in the video.