Lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating sim

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lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating sim

A description of tropes appearing in Lemonade Mouth. Adoptive Peer Parent: Wen's dad is dating a younger woman, and it makes him extremely uncomfortable. Determinator: Stella embodies this trope; inverted in that Olivia has to be .. Film · Game · Literature · Music And Sound Effects · New Media · Print Media. Ray refers to Stella as "lemonade mouth" and Olivia, the narrator, states: "And they are saved by Olivia, who announces that she and Wen are the ones dating. great organization in general and they're always one step ahead of the game. This is the film character, See: Book Version Olivia is the shy girl of the group and singer and songwriter and her growing feelings for Wen, Lemonade Mouth's.

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Shortly after, however, things go downhill: Mo gets sick, Charlie breaks his fingers when he angrily closes the cabinet where he keeps his drumsticks, Wen injures his eye when he loses control of a picture frame after he becomes shocked at the news of his father when he asked him to be his best man in his marriage, and Olivia loses her voice after arguing with Wen for complaining about his father's girlfriend.

Stella calls the band to the school, where she is protesting the removal of the lemonade machine. The group gets into a heated argument with one another and fight with the men removing the lemonade machine. Police arrive and they are brought to a holding cell to wait for their parents. After contemplating giving up, the band agrees to stick together and perform at Rising Star an upcoming "battle of the bands" where the winner wins a record dealeven though they realize that they will not win the competition.

Lemonade Mouth takes the stage and tries to perform "Determinate," but only Stella is able to play, due to their injuries. Discouraged, they start to leave. The audience then begins to sing "Determinate" together in support of the band.

Fed up with Ray, Scott leaves Mudslide Crush and plays with Stella, joining Lemonade Mouth as they stand together in tears, watching the audience sing for them. In narration, Olivia reveals that although they did not win the competition, they won something bigger that night. Things start patching up again for the band: Mo and Scott get back together; Charlie, who had previously liked Mo, accepts this and decides to aim his attention at a girl who likes him; Stella and her mother become close again, and Wen accepts his new stepmother.

At Wen's father's wedding, the man sitting next to Stella tells her that he was in a band himself and now runs an organic lemonade company that has recently become very successful. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? The teens' refusal to back down to an establishment that discourages students' talents and interests should be inspirational to viewers of any age. The friends identify a problem that has far-reaching consequences, and they set out to fix it in a way that showcases the moving, unifying nature of music and encourages others to take pride in the gifts they have as well.

Families who tune in to this movie are also treated to a laundry list of positive messages they can discuss at its end. Friendship, empowerment, self-esteem, self-confidence, and the courage to stand up for what you believe in are just a few of the gems to be found here, and each is illustrated in a manner that will ring true with your kids.

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Besides the social themes, there are plenty that relate to family life, and the movie's message about honest communication between parents and kids is impossible to miss. The movie's only sticking point may be its unavoidable ties to its soundtrack, but rest assured that those same happy messages transfer to the songs' lyrics as well. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about rebellion. I just don't want to get my heart broken if I told him I like him To: Mo He broke up with Jules.

So I would go for it and I think he is in love with u too. When u get him alone, u should tell him then. I used to see him glance at u in the lunch cafeteria but I gtg we are at the mall To: Livybear Ok I'll go for it and we are at the movie place too, so see u back at my house After texting Mo, Livy put her phone away and got out of the back of Ray's car giggling.

Scott and Ray had a eyebrow raised and looked at her.

lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating sim

Livy just winked at them. Just what Mo said to me. Livy, Scott, and Ray went into the movie store.

lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating sim

I think this is enough movies. In the house, Livy said to the girls that they should go up to her room to try on the clothes that Mo and Stella bought at the Mall. The girls head upstairs to Livy's room to see what Mo and Stella bought. Something about me liking another girl. Remember in lunch when she tried to flirt with Wen and he rejected her and she got pissed off at him. Now that was fucking hilarious.

lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating sim

So who do u like now" asked Charlie and Scott. Scott and Charlie nodded their heads. I don't know when or how I fell in love with is so sexy.

lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating sim

Scott and Charlie were shocked at what Ray told them. Mo already knows who I am in love with. Stella nods her head. I am in love with Ray. Stell a was stunned at Livy's confession about being in love Ray Beech. Livy and Mo blushed a deep red.

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Mo picked out the Pink and Black Lace and matching Thong. They put the bra and thongs on and put then they put on Playboy Bunny Tank Tops and Shorts and then they went down stairs. With the girls down stairs "Hey u should sit on Ray's lap Livy. Now lets watch Madea Goes to Jail. My mom is expecting me home tonight.

lemonade mouth olivia and wen dating sim

Charlie can u give me a ride home.