Jersey shore mike and paula dating quotes

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jersey shore mike and paula dating quotes

Paula and Mike's "Jersey Shore" romance ended in a muddled cake mess. We rank the top 5 rookie mistakes she made. 6 matches Is vinny from jersey shore dating anyone - Find a man in my area! It's a get car insurance quotes with anyone not about itunes error What we are mike and paula from jersey shore still dating quotes about dating and relationships still marathon is playing survivor. Bed still drinking i just pretend .

The roommates sit together on their last night together to reminisce over their favourite, and most infamous, memories. When he tried to speak to Paula and she pretended she could not hear him he flew into a rage In pieces: The show's famous duck phone had met a grisly end due to The Situations bad temper Snooki getting punched was described as the moment they came together as a family, while they also talked about Jennifer JWoww Farley pretending she was single and Deena's naked striptease for Mike.

That was the moment that brought me and everybody together because up until then I wasn't really fitting in. It was actually a good thing. As she sobbed, JWoww said: In their final night together the motley crew discussed their most memorable moments Tears: There was not a dry eye among the cast as they finally walked out on Seaside Heights Forever friends: Ronnie removes every piece of furniture, bed included, from girlfriend Sammi's room after yet another fight and dumps everything on the street.

Ronnie is arrested toward the end of the first season, knocking out a fellow reveller who was hassling him. Snooki crashes into a squad car belonging to the Italian Police despite being sober at the time.

The show featured several dramatic walk-outs,only for them to return, except for Angelina who was ultimately gone for good. Pauly D being so eager to have Angelina out of the house once and for all he repeatedly yelled his most quoted phrase, 'the cab is heyaaa.

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Snooki being so drunk she wanders out onto the hot sand and wonders where the beach is. She is arrested shortly thereafter for public intoxication.

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The infamous letter from JWoww to Sammi, detailing Ron's infidelities, which led to one of many breakups and consumed a whole season leading to Mike wasn't impressed at Deena's attempts to make light of the situation While Mike attempted to brush off the drama in front of his roommates, he was visibly angry as he spoke to the cameras.

Mike was cheered up by his squeeze Paula, who celebrated her birthday with him Revenge: Mike began planning how to get back at Snooki with his friend The Unit She attempted to make light of her mistake as she apologised to Mike, whose frustration only worsened. He told the cameras: I feel like the mean Mike is about to come out. JWoww wore a very revealing outfit as a treat for her boyfriend fo9llowing an argument Fight club: But because of the short seasons, the episode was edited to look like it all happened in a very short period of time.

She's the one that Vinny talked to on the phone for 45 minutes and developed a huge crush on, then met in person and freaked out a bit when he realized that she looked just like a female version of Mike yuck.

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Melissa came around every once in a while to hang with the crew, but it usually just caused odd tension among the guys that couldn't decide if Mike would be cool or get upset if they hooked up with his sister. So what happened to Melissa since the cameras moved on from her brother?

jersey shore mike and paula dating quotes

Well, for starters, she got married! She married her sweetheart, Michael Sussman.

The Situation & Lauren Pesce: A Timeline of Their Love Story

Mike attended with his then longtime girlfriend and college sweetie Lauren Pesce, and the affair was all over TMZ. Though he was only around briefly, he played a key role in many events, including the season premiere of season five. Just like The Situation, The Unit was always the definition of a class act.

So where is he now? Turns out, he had problems hitting Special K - meaning ketamine also known on the streets as horse tranquilizer. He got in a little bit of trouble with the law, but has gotten clean since.

jersey shore mike and paula dating quotes

He has his own website, which looks pretty legit and well maintained, but has very few followers and subscribers. He talks a big talk, but he bet on the wrong horse in the Jersey shore gang! She's one of Snooki's best friends and loves to party with the crew. So what has Caitlin Ryder been up to since she's stopped visiting Snooki at the Shore?

She works menial retail jobs on the side while she's finishing up her college education at State University of New York New Paltz. She's fallen in love with tattoos, and is totally smitten with the idea of covering herself in ink head to toe. She stars on an indie web series, Singleling and tries to keep up with her sister's Erin Ryder acting career. They lived together until JWoww parted to return to Seaside for season three, at which point she was quite fed up with Tom.

The big event that led this couple down the slippery slope to breaking up was when JWoww forgot their anniversary. So what has Tommy Boy been up to since the split with JWoww? He's got to be regretting not making things work with Jenni, that much is sure. While she's rolling in dough, he's trying to make his side games work. Things have never been as great as when he had JWoww. She came back a few times in seasons to come, leaving quite the impression on Mike and making quite the situation of herself, and was hopeful about making herself permanent arm candy.

So what has Paula Katharine Pickard made of herself?