Jennifer penton and pat rogers dating

‘Boston’s Finest’: An homage to law enforcement |

jennifer penton and pat rogers dating

The Boston Police Department confirmed that officer Pat Rogers, an 8-year The last two years, Rogers was partnered with Jennifer Penton. . she enjoys date night in London with billionaire heir boyfriend Michael Boulos. Explore Jennifer Penton's board "Boston's Finest Media" on Pinterest. Officer Pat Rogers of the Reality Show "Boston's Finest" committed suicide November. After anguish of suicide, Pat Rogers's family finds purpose Pat Rogers (left) and fellow Boston police Officer Jennifer Penton at a June

Pat took care of everybody. How could he do this to his mother, to everybody who loved him?

jennifer penton and pat rogers dating

And then, as time passed, as she learned more about the incidence of cops killing themselves, Kelly Alves left the anger behind, finding instead the compassion that her brother had when he encountered the forgotten among us.

Kelly Alves wanted to do something, not just to remember her brother, but to help others like him. Over the last year, so much of the debate about policing in America has focused on those who abuse their authority. But there is another side to all of this. Police officers who spend their waking hours seeing things that make you feel helpless or hopeless need the same compassion as that homeless guy on Dot Ave whom Pat Rogers biffed some money to.

That time next Friday at Florian Hall might not seem like a big deal, but it is. This is more than putting 20 bucks in the kitty that will go toward promoting awareness of police suicide and preventing it. So you live right there? You just couldn't make it home? You couldn't piss in your own yard? All right, we're good. Don't say sorry to us. Say sorry to the tree. Assigned to night shift, Jen Penton spends her days searching for her twin sister, Melissa.

A friend had seen Melissa in the city of Lynn just north of Boston. I will head over to Lynn PD to see if they have information on her whereabouts. I'm trying to find out some information about my sister.

Her name is Melissa Penton. P as in Peter, enton. I can give you a view of the log. That would be helpful, thank you. OK, hold on a second. She's in on the 24th, the middle of the week. So it says she was bailed out. Does that mean she was arrested and bailed from the station or did she go right to court? She should have been bailed right here from the station, yes. Just trying to figure out right now if she has any warrants or if she's on probation, kind of get track of her.

Is this her new address? That would be address she gave at the time of the booking.

After anguish of suicide, Pat Rogers’s family finds purpose

Thank you so much. I'm very worried for my sister. I'm scared for her. Using information from the Lynn Police Department, Jen Penton has made contact with her twin sister, Melissa, and today they will meet for the first time in almost two years. There is things I want to say to her and things I think that she should hear. I think it will be difficult to swallow some of my anger and issues with her.

I can't go in there and take on my police stance of controlling the situation because it's not like that. There is this pit in my stomach right now and I would say it's probably a lot of emotion, a lot of not knowing what to expect.

There is my sister. Hi, how are you? Jennifer, nice to finally meet you. See, she does look a lot like me, doesn't she? Is it Sylvain Street. Specials right up top. Did you just cut your hair. A little bit ago. Where were you actually? No, I just got out -- no, I was but that didn't work out the way it was supposed to. Yes, I got six months suspends, two years probation. I would rather do the six months and get it over with.

You would rather go to jail for six months than stay on probation for four years. Tell me about program that you were in. We work eight hours a day. You know that's what most people work. That's what most people work. It wasn't really a good program.

You've been to a ton of programs and never completed them. Anyway, tell me what you've been up to. You know I'm in Boston PD. I work in narcotics. I want to do a lot of narcotic work. See, I can teach you something. I think you're right about that, hopefully not from present experience, hopefully from past experience. - Transcripts

Anyway, where is my present from mom? My God, look at my son. He looks exactly like me. So, I have some good news. I -- when I went to go see Tristan and his new family.

jennifer penton and pat rogers dating

They were amazing and all about us being part of his life and having you in his life and everything and I think that if you wanted to set something up or if you wanted to go with me or mom or whoever, we could go see him. Yes, I definitely do. I want him to know me and not think I abandoned him and just left him, you know what I mean?

I don't want him to be angry at me. If you want that, they are very willing. I definitely want to see him and see where he lives. You know when he gets older and able to talk, I want him to have my phone number and call me any time he wants.

Then you plan something out and if it doesn't work, you get disappointed. I don't like disappointment. I have enough disappointment in my life.

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I think addiction is a journey. It doesn't solve itself overnight. She could battle with this probably for the rest of her life. I -- he pushes me, I grab the bottle. When I'm falling back, I swing the bottle. Like, you're not going to -- I didn't mean for it to break. I was defending myself.

Now, had he been drinking and stuff? Yes, he had been drinking. He had been up all night sitting there playing "Wheel of Fortune," smoking, getting high. How long's he been fighting with addiction and stuff? We've been together ten years.

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And before that he was doing his drug thing. And I keep thinking that maybe if we try one more time, it's going to be better, that he's going to change and it's going to work for us. Has he ever tried to get some help? Realistically I've never seen.

Something tells me that you two just -- sometimes you got to be strong enough to realize that some people can't change.

jennifer penton and pat rogers dating

As much as you want them to, and as much as you love them, you can't love him enough to make him change. I think that you might be better off apart. Let's get you off to court. I'll give your probation officer a call, and we'll go from there.

Dude, what kind of coffee did you get? I got a hazelnut. She said something was wrong with the house blend. You got a hazelnut right now?

jennifer penton and pat rogers dating

Kind of getting in my loop. Messing up my goat ph. As long as you don't go large blueberry with extra, extra cream. Extra extra of anything that they have. Extra extra sugar, extra extra blueberry. We'll get along just fine.

You guys head over to the area of Cunningham and Woodledge. Caller believes she heard six shots and saw people running out. One-oh-three on the way. Yes, he's -- he ran down Cunningham. You guys see him? I just heard gunshots. Were they in a car? No, it just came out of nowhere. You got hit in the back. Merna ph finds a victim on the curb with minor gunshot wounds in his elbow and back.

Was the normal crew hanging out here? No, it was me and him. Haven't seen him in a while. It looks like the man was an innocent bystander.

Yes, that guy that got hit's not the guy. The one in the black. Him and the victim were standing with their backs turned to that fence. The guys peek around the corner. One of them yells out, "Hey, Richard Pryor," and they let a couple rounds go. And then they're busy beating feet ph down this way. Who the hell's Richard Pryor? Because he looks like Richard Pryor. I don't know who that is. Are you nervous about tonight? Yes, but you know, it's funny. I can do like the stuff at work and run around and chase bad guys, and then put me in a situation like that and I'm totally freaked out.

Oh, yes, because you're not in control. I'll get all flustered. Only to be a fly on the wall. What if they're, like, really good looking and they don't think I'm That's the thing with speed dating, you're not really stuck.

Wait it out 30 seconds and you get another date. Yes, you'll be fine. I brought pictures of the dresses just so you can help me pick one out. This is the first one. And then this is the other one. It's cream in the front, but then in the back it's gray. And you're feeling comfortable in this?