Hugh bonneville and allen leech dating

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hugh bonneville and allen leech dating

Allen Leech, who played Tom Branson in the drama, shared an adorable snap of him posing alongside Hugh Bonneville while the pair enjoyed. Jul 13, A date has been set for the Crawley family reunion: The "Downton Abbey" ( Allen Leech, right) helped patriarch Robert (Hugh Bonneville). Jul 21, Allen Leech, Lesley Nicol, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Bonneville, who star as Branson, Mrs. Patmore, Cora and Robert Crawley respectively.

But things are changing. I know you will. Then bet on me. We are talking to Allen Leech this week. Thanks very much for having me.

This week, Tom Branson came back to Downton rather unexpectedly. Did you know in advance how and when Tom would be returning to Downton? I think the attitude that Tom arrived at the house with in Season 1 drastically changed through what happened with the death of his wife and the fact that this family took him in.

And I think moving to America has opened his eyes once again. A man can make it all the way to the top in one lifetime. Now he returns during Mr. Hughes just have one time that is actually about them? And Tom has always been the man who can jump between both because he has long standing relationships with those downstairs, the servants, and the family. Out of all of the characters he seems to be the one who undergoes the most change. What do you make of his transformation of chauffeur and Irish revolutionary to well-dressed member of the Crawley family?

And he came in trying to change that as much as he could and he rallied against it. I see them as the uniform of oppression and I should be uncomfortable wearing them. Are you quite finished? He then fell in love with one of the daughters and again his attitude had to change.

He had to see these…this way of life, and the status and the symbol of oppression that was Downton and the British aristocracy, as his own family.

What did you make of the death scene when you read the script? I remember being quite emotional reading it for the first time. And then we sat in and we read it in the read through and I remember for everyone in that room it was emotional. This is the woman he would…he would die for himself who has just given birth.

This is one of the happiest moments of his life turned into absolute tragedy and the most horrendous set of circumstances. Please wake up, love. I mean you mention the fact that he is very different from the rest and amidst their repression he does have this sort of raw, intense emotion in that scene that is really harrowing to watch.

How do you get yourself in the mindset for shooting that scene?

hugh bonneville and allen leech dating

I think because Tom and Sybil were star crossed lovers and everyone loves that story of love conquering all, breaking down all barriers. And I think it is that sense of it was just the two of them against everything. And when that then tragedy struck, I think people felt, you know, part of that hope within Tom and within the show as well had died when Sybil died.

hugh bonneville and allen leech dating

Before this next question, a brief word from our sponsors. By River and by Sea. Learn more at VikingCruises. To learn more, visit pbs. My favorite, I would say… Allen: You think you have the monopoly of honor. Do you think Tom has become in some ways the conscience of Downton? He is also your conscience. He kinda is the conscience and the moral compass within the show. I do but I tend to do that around the cast such as Hugh or Rob.

What was the most memorable prank you pulled off? Thomas Howes, who played William…He very tragically died. We sewed his pants legs together one night, and we completely forgot, and went…we went to our hotels and came back the next day. And he tried for about ten and a half minutes to get into his trousers. Obviously we talked him off.

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hugh bonneville and allen leech dating

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