Greg vaughan and arianne zucker dating

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greg vaughan and arianne zucker dating

Arianne Zucker shocks fans with decision to leave Days of our Lives With Eric ( Greg Vaughan) back in Salem, Zucker previews what to. Now, girlfriend Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS) gives a completely Eve three- car pileup caused by a drunk driving Eric (Greg Vaughan). reveal that Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) finally finds all the letters In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Greg Vaughan talks about the storyline. At one point, when Eric and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) were dating.

However, Eric helps Nicole open up about her troubled past and being forced into porn as a teenager by her father, Paul Mendez. Nicole cozies up to Victor by exposing Kate's plot to kill him and also uses his grandson Brady Black Kyle Lowder in her schemes. Victor and Nicole eventually marry on New Year's Eve in only for Nicole to fake his death with the help of Jan Spears Heather Lauren Olsonleaving Nicole as the wealthy grieving widow who has fallen for her step grandson.

Nicole learns that Stan is actually Sami in disguise and threatens to expose her. However, Sami exposes Nicole's schemes instead and Brady kicks her out of his life believing she was behind Chloe's "death. Inshe agrees to move to Los Angeles to manage the newly acquired branch of the company. EJ starts using Nicole to make his soon to be ex-wife Sami jealous and after Sami dumps him, EJ and Nicole end up having sex in an elevator.

Nicole is a prime suspect when Trent is found dead in Septemberbut she is exonerated. Nicole later discovers she is pregnant, and knowing she was not supposed to have children, Nicole considers the child to be a "miracle. Realizing that EJ loved their baby and not her, Nicole fakes her pregnancy fearing he will leave her. Richard Baker John Callahan and passes the child off as her own.

To make matters worse, Nicole switches Mia's child with Sami and EJ's baby allowing EJ to raise the child even though Sami planned to keep him from the child. Nicole names the child, Sydney only for her lies to be exposed when the child's father, Chad Peterson-Woods Casey Deidrick tries to sue for custody. Nicole is sent to prison for her crimes and later released with the help of Anna DiMera Leann Hunley.

Seeing that Nicole is still attached to Sydney, EJ arranges for her to be a part of Sydney's life and live in the mansion leading him to propose to her in order for Nicole to be a "mother figure" to EJ's children.

Nicole accepts leading her to start falling in love with him again. After weeks of cheating, EJ asks Nicole for a divorce and she is left shattered. Nicole is employed as EJ's secretary and they start working together for EJ to win the election and become Mayor of Salem.

During the election their romantic relationship evolves but Nicole holds back fearing that EJ will end up hurting her again. When he proposes to her in FebruaryNicole accepts only to find out that EJ had cheated on her once again with Sami. During their talk Nicole faints and Daniel takes her to the hospital only to find out that Nicole is pregnant. Nicole worries about her pregnancy ending up in a miscarriage again and wanting to get away from EJ she hides her pregnancy from him with the help of Daniel and Rafe Hernandez Galen Gering.

EJ finds out that Nicole is pregnant and Rafe steps in claiming the child is his leading him and Nicole to fabricate this story to keep the baby from EJ. In MayNicole stresses over EJ and starts having pains in her stomach but gets to the hospital in time and everything turns out to be fine. Nicole begins a romantic relationship with Daniel but due to his daughter's priorities at the time, he broke it off. In Augustan earthquake hits Salem and Nicole goes into preterm labor but luckily enough Daniel manages to stop the contractions and keep the pregnancy healthy.

In October and at 37 weeks pregnant, Nicole goes to her prenatal visit but her doctor informs her that her baby is dead. A distraught Nicole grieves her second loss but does not tell Daniel fearing that he will get back together with Jenn seeing there is no baby.

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That same day Nicole gets into a fight with Jennifer on the stairs of the Town Square and Nicole falls down going into labor. Nicole gives birth to her stillborn son and seeing the opportunity she blames Jennifer in pushing her. A month later the truth comes out and seeing she is left with nothing, she tries to commit suicide but Rafe and Daniel step in just in time to stop her. He offers her a job as his secretary at the church, which Nicole accepts.

Abe needs more to do. Eli and Lani are like a beautiful tranquilizer dart straight to the temple. One scene, and I'm dozing. Like Abe, I think both Eli and Lani need new storylines. I won't be upset if they're not with each other.

In fact, Eli and Sheila's scenes were fresh.

Nicole And Daniel Together Again–Hollywood Movie Style

Their banter was fun, and their shared history comes off as authentic. I could handle more of them and less "Elani. He's hilarious with Hattie and such a good big bro to Kayla. Plus, he's in contact with Shane, who's hoping to get Steve freed! The only part of that I don't love is that none of it's playing out on-screen. Sometimes, it's nice to watch a low-key scene where characters catch up.

greg vaughan and arianne zucker dating

Such was the case with Jennifer and Maggie. Over cookies, they covered everything from Jen's breakup to Chad and Abs to Lucas. I enjoyed it but still think Hope and Jen need to have one of those chats soon, too. Here we go again. Kate finding out about Baby B was kind of hilarious. Her "What the hell? Make mine a double, please. The chemistry between Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker is effortless. Greg's expressive eyes alone can tell Eric's story. Ari's a tremendously talented and terribly missed sight for sore eyes.

And easy-on-the-eyes Paul Telfer is just creeptastically charming as Xander. Let's keep this tab open because I could drink, err, watch this trio until last call. I mean, really, both of these lines made me groan and slap my forehead. Both also would be a little funny -- if they weren't so exasperating. So, let's meet our contenders. Contestant One hails from West Salem. He loves smugness, always having a connection, Mexican food, and Hope Brady. He can often be found in any light blue painted room.

Let's give it up for Detective Hernandez! We'll go with that. He follows the rules. Got it, Rafaroni and Cheese.

greg vaughan and arianne zucker dating

Contestant Two hails from Salem proper. She's recently returned to town to get her bouncing baby girl back from her bonkers mother. She can't resist alien men or bad choices. Please welcome, Mimi Lockhart! Love her Llanview, Pennsylvania, references! And can we get Robin Strasser next?! Please and thank you!

It may sound greedy, but I wish last week would have had at least one Victor and Susan scene! We better get a bigger, brighter, bitchier bonding scene between Sami and Kate or else I'm going to be disappointed.

Say what you will about Hope these days, but I kind of loved that she brought a flower to Marlena that matched the blazer she was wearing. It proves that you can still have style while being a pale comparison of your former self.

Come back, real Fancy Face. If I needed another reason to love soaps, here's one. A character can use a line like, "Because you had me locked in a cage," and they're being for real.

greg vaughan and arianne zucker dating

She said of Abe, "He's the biggest jackass I've ever met. Though it's also a good reminder not to accept any old friend request just because you share an alma mater. I love every part of hearing sassy Sami say, "Samantha DiMera. I also loved every part of Hattie's Marlena impression. I was impressed Kristen called Brady's son Tate and not Christopher.

Holly is one heck of a cutie patootie! In fact, I will be old and unpretty before I do. Sadly, I'm ending this column much as I did a few weeks ago. That is, with news of another heartbreaking passing. We've lost our Caroline, Peggy McCay.

What a lovely lady through and through. Her commitment to the role was unparalleled.

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There are so many warm, fuzzy and funny moments I have been reminiscing about this week, and when I think of Caroline overall, she wasn't your typical soap matriarch. She was a woman with a somewhat sordid past. She broke up squabbling kin's skirmishes with a baseball bat. She hacked computers to swap DNA results. No, she wasn't always a saint, but she was far from a sinner. Caroline was simply true to herself and her family. And she was perhaps the hardest working woman on soaps -- she raised a family and worked tirelessly at the fish market and later the pub well into her golden years.

She was just an unstoppable force, and DAYS fans are the all the better for the magic Peggy brought to the role.