Emma and knightley age difference dating

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emma and knightley age difference dating

Feb 24, Does it bother you that Mr. Knightley is so much older than Emma? The first is the large age difference between Knightley and Emma. .. George Knightley, Esquire: Lend Me Leave(volume 2)) has Mr K “dating” but finding. Jul 15, Now lets address the age difference. Josh and Cher can legally date, kiss, and have sex, but I would add that if you need to make justifications When Emma realizes that she loves Mr. Knightley, it's a shock to her system. Dec 21, Age difference: Juliet is a blushing bride embroiled in a complicated love . Emma Freud recently divulged she wouldn't cast Keira Knightley if.

He shows attention to those less fortunate, like the Bateses and the orphaned Jane Fairfax. When Harriet Smith is snubbed so publicly by Mr. Elton at the ball, Mr.

emma and knightley age difference dating

Knightley makes a point of leading her onto the floor. Knightley politely checks the rather pushy Mrs. While everyone at the Christmas party is debating the snowfall, Mr. Knightley walks down the road to examine its depth before sounding the all clear.

When Hartfield does get snowbound, their only visitor is Mr. After meeting him, Mrs. At that ball, Emma begins to notice him herself. Still, what is most endearing about Mr.

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Knightley is his relationship with Emma. Knightley daily, allows them to spend an unusual amount of time together.

They are often alone—something that was prohibited of a suitor in those days. Knightley thus know each other better than most couples would. Knightley instantly knows that Emma wrote the letter herself. Weston suspects that Mr.

A little later, he says nearly the exact same words himself.

My Heart Belongs to Mr. Knightley

Now I must address the age issue, as so many readers balk at that. Knightley is 37; however, in Regency society this was par for the course. Emma argues that Robert Martin, at 24, is too young to marry. The main objection to the potential romance between Mr. Knightley and Jane Fairfax, also 21, is her lack of money and social status. When she runs off with Wickham their elopement is decried because it is scandalous—not because he is about Bennet boasts that Lydia has married so early.

Elizabeth Bennet will not admit to Lady Catherine de Bourgh that she is already I have dated my fair share of Darcys they're never truly reformed for long. There's a reason Austen finished the story pretty much at the beginning point of their relationship. And my current boyfriend's resemblance to Jeremy Northam's Knightley in the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma adaptation is absolutely uncanny see?

But you know what? I stand my my claim. Because it is accurate. In honor of Jane Austen's birthday, here are nine reasons Emma's Mr.

Knightly is far superior to Pride and Prejudice's Mr. Darcy a controversial stance, I know. Knightley is a nice guy; Darcy isn't.

Knightley is friends with people who are considered lower class than he is of Mr. Martin, the farmer Harriet ends up marrying, he says: He often invites Miss Bates to events, though she is extremely annoying and talks too much. Darcy, on the other hand, turns up his nose at every single person he sees. Darcy was continually giving offense. Romances bred from friendships make the best relationships. Knightley and Emma have been friends for years at the point that he proposes to her.

They know each other's virtues, but they also know each other's flaws. They know what it's like to fight with each other, as they have had many a quarrel. They already know that they are compatible because they have been friends for so long.

Darcy and Elizabeth, on the other hand, barely know each other at all! Knightly's values are better than Darcy's. Knightley values humility, kindness and being a good person; Darcy values pride, money and being from a good family.

Knightley isn't snobby; Darcy definitely is. Knightley constantly chides Emma for her snobbery. When Emma makes a mean remark about Miss Bates, Knightley is shocked and embarrassed by it. He confronts her about it: How could you be so insolent in your wit to a woman of her character, age, and situation? He notes that most people's definitions of an "accomplished woman" are far too lenient, and that he has much higher standards about such things than the common person. Darcy looks down on Elizabeth's entire family, as well as her entire town.

He assumes her sister, Jane, wants to marry his friend Bingley for money because she is poor. He thinks less of nearly every person with less money than he has. Knightley's true character has been firmly established to Emma. How well does Elizabeth even really know Darcy?

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They've carried on some witty banter. But by the end of the book, how much time have they actually spent together? Altogether, about a week? Even a week might be stretching it. I know the book takes place over about the course of a year or so, but the two go for long periods without talking, so those don't really count.

Getting engaged after only really getting to know each other for a week isn't romantic, my friends; it's CRAZY. Sure, Darcy seems to have changed, for the moment. He seems to have realized the errors of his ways.

But a lot of people say, "Of course I'll change! It would probably be advisable to wait and see if Darcy actually maintains his newfound good boy persona for more than a few months. Conversely, Emma has known Knightley for years. He is a staple at family events and functions, as his younger brother is married to Emma's sister. Emma knows exactly who Mr. Knightley is a much better communicator than Darcy is. Knightley tells Emma exactly how he feels about her behavior, and exactly how he feels about her, all the time.

emma and knightley age difference dating

He is straightforward with her. Darcy, on the other hand, is an awful communicator. He sort of tries to flirt with Elizabeth when she visits Bingley's home, but does a really horrible job of it and comes off looking like an ass as he does for most of the book.

His fist confession of love for her ends up being far more insulting than endearing, and in order to get any of his true feelings out at all accurately, he has to write her a letter.

Is he going to have to write her a letter every single time they get into a big fight? Knightley has Emma's best interests at heart, more so than his own.