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BethanyMarilynSmith/played by Emily Osment and she's Gabi's new MelissaAnneMontez/played by Selena Gomez and Gabriella's fraternal twin sister and Selena's older sister and best friend and Ricky's girlfriend but they JustinSteveBaker/played by David Henrie and Gabriella's new friend from LA. selena gomez david henrie dating. is selena gomez dating david henrie. tattoo Gaby kissed David Henrie Selena Gomez David Henrie Kiss. With Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, Jennifer Stone. The Movie ( ) David Henrie and Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie ( ) . Village Girl (as Gabriela Alejandra Rosario) Release Date: Hope they expand on the characters in the future and go for a feature film I would see it.

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He said softly now looking into her eyes. Gabriella stares at him for a few minutes and grabs his hand and they go outside. With Troy and Gabriella Talking. Troy and Gabriella go outside and Troy talks to her about how much he misses her and that he's sorry for ever hurting her.

Gabriella stares at him sighing and nods. Troy sighs knowing this is about Blake and he glares at her. He said pissed off.

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Gabriella stares at him suprised and and steps away from him. He sighs and looks away from her. He said looking at her.

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I loved you but you just blew me off. She said walking closer to him. He stares at her and wraps his arms around her waist and she stares up at him.

She said wrapping her arms around his neck. He asked getting teary. Gabriella knows that she shouldn't be this close to him but she can't help wanting to be really close to him after to being away for a year.

She wipes his tears and slowly pecks his lips feeling the sparks she use to feel when she was with him and she feels him kiss her back. They pull back a few minutes later and Gabriella gets tears in eyes knowing she just cheated on her boyfriend. She said pulling away from him and leaves and goes back into the party wiping her tears. Troy stands there sadly remembering that his true love is Gabriella Montez and he needs to find away to get her back with him.

He goes back into the party and sees Gabriella talking with Blake while crying and Blake looks over to him and he froze not saying anything and Blake shakes his head and pulls Gabriella with him over to him. Blake said pissed off. Throughout the rest of the first season are similar magical mishaps, most of which are intended to improve things, but typically end up backfiring and causing her to revert them.

Alex attends Tribeca Preparatory High School throughout nearly all of the show, a fictional school whose real location is the Salk School of Science. During the first season, Alex also attends WizTech, a fictional wizardry school, once during the summer. Alex is often seen at her family's restaurant, the Waverly Sub Station, a fictional diner whose image is that of the bottom floor of the Bayard-Condict Buildingon Bleecker Street. Alex also has a relationship with another student named Riley, which ends quickly after he witnesses her eating large amounts of chocolate, but begins again when she convinces him that she is a good luck charm for their school's baseball team.

They finally go on a date during the third to last episode, where Alex shows herself to get jealous too easily, which cause the two to break up. Alex brings life to a mannequin which she pretends to be in a relationship with in order to make Riley jealous, which causes Riley to go back to Alex, only to be replaced with another boy the following season.

The second season continues with a myriad of spells and magic gone awry, the first of which is her joining an academic game at her school called the Quiz Bowl and wearing a pair of pants known as "Smarty Pants" that grant her infinite knowledge.

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She wears the pants for too long and ends up having skeleton legs, which are fixed towards the end. Another love interest of Alex's, Dean Moriarty, also makes his debut appearance in this episode, as a new student who is forced to help set up the Quiz Bowl.

Alex's infatuation with Dean is revealed to her nemesis, Gigi, after she steals Alex's magical diary and finds that Alex's " knight in shining armor " is Dean. Alex reveals this to everyone, including Dean, in order to avoid giving Gigi any sort of satisfaction from doing it herself.

The two confess their love for one another during a race which Dean is involved in, and they begin their relationship. Ronald, after becoming infatuated with Alex himself, shapeshifts into Dean in order to "end" Alex's relationship with them.

This causes Alex to start a relationship with Ronald, as it appears to her as her only option. She agrees to go to WizTech with him, where she realizes that Ronald has kidnapped Dean and put him in a block of jelly. Alex realizes that she truly loves Dean, and leaves Ronald.

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Greenwald 's own daughter,[14] and Brooke O'Malley. AlexGomez served as one of its executive producers. She has a great sense of humor about herself, so we give her tons of crap.