Dating medical student tips and advice

Tips for Medical Students in Relationships

dating medical student tips and advice

Planning date nights after exams was also recommended. On the other hand, advice for the non-medical student in the relationship focused on cultivating. Hello, I 26 F am dating a 26 M who is currently a med student. We have been dating for about a couple months and became exclusive about a. Recently, a prospective medical student in a Reddit thread asked me if I Dating someone in your class is one thing, but I highly advise you to.

Medical school requires focus and energy.

5 questions for FUTURE DOCTORS (medical student advice)

A bad breakup can mean depression. Depression can mean loss of focus. Loss of focus can mean failing an exam. Failing multiple exams can mean remediation or dismissal from med school. Dismissal from med school can lead a mountain of debt with no degree to show and no-so-promising career opportunities.

This can all lead to further depression. Deep depression can lead to suicide. Suicide can mean that your theoretical future children were never born.

Dating a Medical Student - Jennifer Meyering

Your future theoretical child will never experience the joys of life. Think of the kids, man.

dating medical student tips and advice

I say this in jest. If your girl dumps you, she probably sucked anyways and you will meet someone better. Mope around for a day or two.

Met different, better people. As you can see, the drawbacks of a relationship in medical school are all outcomes of dating the wrong person. How Do You Make it Work?

A relationship in medical school takes work for both parties. Before embarking on the journey, you need to sit down and have a candid talk about what each of you expects from each other. Text throughout the day if you feel like it. Make promises to not sweat the small stuff or start an issue over irrelevant BS. Talk When You Can: I think one solid piece of advice is to make short calls periodically.

Driving home from lecture? Taking a ten minute study break? Sitting on the toilet? Give her a ring and talk for a few minutes. Keep each other updated on your day. Call to say hi, good morning, or tell a quick story. Obviously the best aspects of movie night are impossible to replicate, but starting a movie together at the same time, texting throughout, and talking on the phone to share your thoughts right after is a great way to make you feel closer to that person.

Arguing over petty shit is for 19 year olds. Only YOU know what is best for you. You determine your own happiness and success. Put in Equal Effort: Pay for gas sometimes if she drives to you. Keep the Bitching in Check: No one wants to hear constant negativity all the time. Imagine you were dating someone and all they wanted to talk about is how hard school is.

dating medical student tips and advice

Make the Most of Your Time: Sleep in til Make some bomb ass french toast for breakfast. Treat yourself to deliciously shitty food. Get wasted and stay out dancing until two in the morning.

Stay in and binge watch an entire season of your favorite series on a Saturday off. Drink three bottles of wine and build a fucking puzzle. Laugh as much as you can.

How to Date a Med Student Part 1: The Reality

What About the Other Side? You texted him at 4: Has he lost interest?? Is he with another girl?! No no and no. When he calls after a stressful day, put on your psychologist pants, listen to him, and continue to encourage.

This goes for both parties. This is the most important time in the medical school relationship dynamic. Instant boost to his sanity and happiness. Med school can get you down sometimes. Remind him of his own abilities and strengths. Help When You Can: Think of the kids. What if You Break Up? Medical school is stressful at times. One thing I cannot fathom is experiencing a personal tragedy during these times. Death of loved one? With an exam coming up? You must keep your head on straight.

They were not the one. Indulge in the heartbreak momentarily. Binge eat junk food.

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Drink a bottle of wine. Look at the old photos and bask in the magnificence of human emotion. Focus on your studies. Is it Worth It? If you are on the fence about a starting or continuing a relationship in medical school, you must ask yourself these questions: Can you see yourself with her long-term?

Something that allows you to have your own sense of accomplishment is important. This open-ended question drew a lot of responses. Make a schedule like 8a-5p and stick to it because your spouse will be expecting you. It is super frustrating sometimes to juggle study and family time, but do not sacrifice spending time with family. You would rather be a good doctor and have your family admire you rather than be the best divorced doctor. It sounds harsh but should be a motivator to those that are mature and take it seriously.

I think the biggest thing is understanding the struggle and stresses you both are going through. Don't only think about yourself because it is hard on the entire family. Make time for each other even if it's going for a walk or something simple. We try to have lunch together at the school a few times a week. Make every minute count and remember that med school is no fun without your support so thank them often for being there for you!

You need them more than you may think. The first two years of medical school are the most difficult. I know they give you the different analogies like "drinking out of a firehose," and you'll be tired of hearing it, but that is truly what the experience is like.

However, there are many bright spots throughout those first two years that you will cherish forever. Take every opportunity to spend time together that you can.

Make time for each other, talk to each other, and support each other. A lot of emphasis gets placed on the medical student in the relationship and we're often short sighted when it comes to our goals. The third year is much more enjoyable and generally more stress free, although you have to adjust to the different schedule of your rotations. I've never heard anyone say anything negative about fourth year.

Each year is progressively better, and the journey goes by in the blink of an eye. Although med school is hard, do not neglect your relationship because your significant other's support can make everything much easier. It's not as bad as you think it will be! You will enjoy your time in school, and so will your significant other!

How to Date a Med Student Part 1: The Reality

Making an effort to communicate and understand each other overcomes any challenge med school brings.

It is completely possible to make it through med school sane and with your relationship intact. You just have to realize things will be different and they have to realize that you have to put school first sometimes.

Don't take your significant other for granted during this time! Farmers market is fun. There will be good blocks and bad blocks - good rotations and bad rotations. Take it one day at a time and try to live in the moment as much as possible. After graduation, the hard times will fade and you'll be left with some amazing memories from med school.

Learn to lean on other medical spouses, they will understand you like no one else.

dating medical student tips and advice

They will make the hard times bearable and the great times even more fabulous. Good luck, and remember to have some fun!