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Thunder, who will be going by Park Sang Hyun during his acting career, attended the press conference on April 14 for MBC's new weekend. Q. "On the topic of scandals, could you reveal any dating stories?" Thunder: " People probably won't believe us even if we say so, but none of us. When MC Kim Gura asked about his dating history MBLAQ members know the identity of Lee Joon's former girlfriend? allkpop Lee Joon, 'farmer idol' Mir and fellow member Thunder who are known for IU, Jonghyun.

Her bright laughter is very charming. Does he still train you strictly like when you were rookies? When we talk, he gives us a lot of advice that comes from experience. He's always said to us, 'Rehearse a lot. Do something new that others don't do. I'm not sure what kind of response he'll give when we actually get into a scandal, though.

Do you have a lot of opportunities to meet?

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I'm close with f x 's Victoria and After School's Jooyeon. We greet each other at broadcast halls and compliment each other's stages. I think it's because we're on the older end of idol groups. The nunas will gift us a lot of useful presents. Not only do we receive food, but things like air purifiers and car accessories, just things we need in our daily lives.

We even received liquor for our birthday.

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We earned a lot, but there was also disappointment in that we didn't have a color specific to us. Through this album, we hope to create a masculine image and show another side to our potential.

Ilgan Sports via Naver. His eldest sister, Sandara, achieved nationwide fame in the Philippines in after becoming the runner-up on the first season of Star Circle Questa talent search reality competition. He first appeared on national television when he attended the finale with his mother. Later on, as his sister began her hectic activities as a celebrity, a crew from one of South Korea's biggest television agencies recorded her daily life in the documentary My Name Is Sandara Park.

This marked Thunder's first ever appearance on South Korean television.

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Sandara's eventual decision to pursue activities in their home country led to their family's return to South Korea in By this time, Thunder had finished secondary education in the Philippines.

It was later on revealed in a magazine interview that he had originally decided to pursue a professional career as a soccer player, specifically as a midfielder.

He gave up and instead started auditioning for entertainment agencies, one of which was JYP Entertainment. He had taken dancing workshops offered by Sandara's home network back in the Philippines.

He was given a 4-page spread, where he showed off his unique yet fashionista chic image.