Cardiff bus 17 and 18 dating

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cardiff bus 17 and 18 dating

Commercial manager at Cardiff Bus Gareth Stevens said “With the demolition of St Street in , with more details on the date set to be released in the new year. These include the 13, 17, 18, and 96A, which will start and end at Home. Date. Times of diversions. Wales v Scotland (Rugby), Saturday 3 November, 00 to Wales v Tonga (Rugby), Saturday 17 November, to 1 bus online. This live map might be incomplete or out of date. Click on a bus to see Cardiff, o/s Wedal Road, , , , , , ,

  • Bus transport in Cardiff
  • Cardiff Bus Station Closure, from 1st August 2015
  • 28B - Cardiff City Centre - Cardiff City Centre Circular via Fidlas Rd, Thornhill, Fidlas Rd

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Cardiff Bus Station Closure

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cardiff bus 17 and 18 dating

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