Are quinn and rachel dating on glee

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are quinn and rachel dating on glee

Jul 10, Rachel and Quinn were secretly dating all throughout season 1 you just Sandy Ryerson the Glee club advisor only allowed the boys in his. Jul 12, Rachel wakes up from a coma to see Quinn watching over her. We've been dating since sophomore year, when my dad kicked me out.". Nov 6, Quinn and Rachel's friendship was definitely strange, all the Glee kids want Rachel dating him because she only wanted Rachel dating her.

She wasn't sure if Rachel had actually remembered, or just guessed based on the fact that that was something she'd find romantic. And I had Beth, and…. My mom took her.

How did we not kill each other? She and Quinn were dating. Mike and Tina were cousins. Tina was dating Artie. Santana and Brittany were damn near married no changes there. Kurt was her bitter rival. Mercedes always sided with Kurt. Kurt had dumped Blaine for some prick named Sebastian. She and Quinn were freaking dating. After trying so hard in her hallucination filled coma to be friends with her, it was hard to wrap her mind around the fact that she was her girlfriend.

Karofsky was gay what the hell? Blaine and Karofsky were together now. Finn was dating some girl named Sugar. Puck and Sam were McKinley High's most eligible bachelors. Rachel looked at the "Social" section of her memory book and sighed.

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It had been three weeks since she'd woken up, and her memory was coming back—just more slowly and sporadically than she'd hoped. Quinn, Santana and Brittany had been fantastic.

They'd put together two scrapbooks for her to help her remember, and Brittany had helped her keep track of things for her memory notebook. Most of it was school stuff, but they did keep a small section at the back of it for glee drama.

Of all the stuff to remember…. Do you want me to help you study? Can…can I ask you something though? Well, if my memory doesn't return in full, that was one hell of a first kiss. She smiled and snuggled down into the blankets. Her memory would come back, she was sure of it. But even if it didn't, having Quinn wasn't too bad of a do-over. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

are quinn and rachel dating on glee

First, he gets Quinn pregnant while she is dating Finn. Following that, he was even involved with Rachel on two separate occasions as well. Puck may have ultimately ended up with Quinn, but Finn must have always remembered that he was with Rachel as well. But it seems that Rachel Berry is the one that needed the lessons most. During the episode "Laryngitis", Rachel is battling having her tonsils removed when she comes down with a cold.

Naturally, she assumes that the world is going to end and that nothing could be worse. While this does put things into perspective for Rachel, it is one of the most cringeworthy moments of the show. Following their graduation from high school, Rachel and Finn intend to get married.

So instead of getting married, he puts her on a train to New York and does not follow her. His intention was to "set her free" from him so she can pursue her dreams of stardom in New York.

Want to know what would have been a better decision? Talking to each other like adults to determine what would have been best. Finn did not need to dramatically send her away-- they could have worked something out together. Instead, they threw their relationship away and never recovered. In fact, it is possible that Finn is her first serious boyfriend. This could be the explanation for why her attraction tactics are not very good.

In an effort to attract Finn, Rachel is desperate to have him notice her over Quinn.

are quinn and rachel dating on glee

In a scene which is often forgotten about, Rachel attempts to force herself to vomit in order to lose weight and appear more attractive to Finn. Thankfully, Emma Pillsbury stops her and informs her of other ways to be noticed. Considering Rachel's status as a role model during the later seasons, this uncomfortable moment is likely something showrunners would like to forget. While her fashion sense in high-school is described as being dressed by a "blind Sunday school teacher," it is a part of her personality.

Her journey of personal growth is commendable, however it causes her to fully forget about her relationship with Finn. Her new style of dress gives her more confidence, but things go too far when she kisses Brody. Unfortunately, this would be the last time they are together. What makes this moment even more crushing is that Rachel did not even stay with him afterwards. Before Finn wakes up, she sneaks out of the room quietly. However, it seems that all fans of the show wish that this was the moment they would have decided to stay together.

Following the events of "I Do", Rachel is seen frantically calculating dates on a calendar before taking a pregnancy test. While they are both consenting adults before getting together and the timeframe suggests that she was worried about it being Brody's child, she does not inform Finn.

With their relationship in a state of fluctuation, a pregnancy would have caused a serious issue-- particularly if it was not his child. While it is unlikely that the baby would have been his anyway, it is strange that he would not be aware what she was going through.

A very strange thing about Finn and Rachel is that they each had a level of romance with a staff member of McKinley. Early on in the series, Rachel develops a crush on Will Schuester, and is infatuated with how he performs.

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This even gets to the point of them awkwardly singing a duet of "Endless Love" together. While the relationship does not for any further than that, it is very cringeworthy. Furthermore, Finn also kisses Emma at one point. While he does this in an effort to calm her down, it was very awkward as she was engaged to Will at the time. While entirely an accident which stemmed from Finn's miserable dancing ability, he winds up breaking Rachel's nose in "Born This Way".

Finn's dancing has never been pretty to look at, but this is the first time it resulted in bodily harm. Anytime that there is something which may affect Rachel's singing ability, it becomes the end of the world. Ultimately, she decides against the surgery and heals fine, but surely she was afraid of Finn's dancing anytime they were on stage together. Despite being in a relationship, they did not attend their senior prom as a couple.

At least, not at first. Thankfully at the midnight hour, Rachel arrives at prom with Finn and they become crowned Prom King and Queen. Even if it came as a result of some "funny math", they still got to share a beautiful moment together. While the end result is beautiful, they were never able to have the full prom experience together. After being in a relationship together, Finn and Rachel decide that they will take the next physical step.

While Finn has nothing but his love for Rachel on his mind, Rachel has other motives. She is secretly hoping that having a physical experience will make her a better actress ahead of her college auditions.

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Naturally, Finn is appalled by her thought process, and does not go through with the deed. Rachel is one of the most driven characters on television, but this was a new extreme for her. Finn's feelings were not even considered here, which given their time together, does not make any sense.

The way that Glee approached both Cory and Finn's death was commendable, and allowed fans to grieve. Watching the entire Glee Club cry over their fallen hero was a bleak reminder that he would never make another in-person appearance on the show. Despite being universally loved for his time on the show, both the world and Rachel had to go on without him.

It is well-known that Glee's original ending would have featured Rachel and Finn happy together.